Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cell Phones at School

Tomorrow we will do an activity that asks your child to bring their cell phone to school. It will involve texting so make sure your plan allows for free texting. At all other times the phones must be powered off and in the backpacks.

Watch the blog for the results of our cell phone project.

Mr. Miller

Friday, April 16, 2010

AIMS !!!!!

AIMS was so awesome because we had to write a story. After that we did reading and math on the same day for the rest of the week. Our teacher said the math was easier than our math books and that was true. I really liked the reading part. It was fun because I love to read ! It was also easy. I liked it because it is different because my class does not do alot of reading. My favorite was about the talent show. It was fun to read. Then when it was the last day I was so excited about that but we still had to do our best and that's what we did . I think the last test was the best.

When we were in last year's class we got to chew gum but this year we did not get to chew gum . Last year's teacher said if you chew gum you think more. Mr. Miller did not agree. This year we got peppermints to chew at breaktime. We also got new pencils (Mr. Lansa said they had all the answers inside them).

We thought the test was going to be hard but it wasn't. We worked hard all year so we were prepared.