Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Substitute Teachers

On September 28 and the 29 we had a substitute. Having a substitute was different than having Mr. Miller as our teacher because she didn't know what we normally do - like not reading City Of Ember, not using the smart board as much, and not working on our War With Grandpa movies.


I think the sub that we had yesterday was a little rude but other than that she was fine but a lot of people made fun of her like her name and other stuff like that.It was a little boring because we did not get to read City of Ember and work on our War with Grandpa movie. A lot of people went to the principal's office to tell him about the sub.The people who went kind of thought Mr.Miller was subbing as the principal but he was not.


I do not like having a sub because sometimes they're weird like they're too silly or they think they're funny.But I'm happy with Mr.Miller and I happy with who I have and subs don't read The City Of Ember that's my favorite book. I had 2 subs they were both girls they were kinda nice but not too nice we had one Monday and one Tuesday we had to show them how to use the smart board a smart board is like a huge TV that you control by your regular computer and its like a big touch screen that you can write with a special marker. Well that's what its like to have a sub. Do you like having a sub?
Kayla :)

Friday, September 25, 2009


This is a rubric that we made to determine the quality of our webs.
Neat writing and drawing/ Legible
No misspellings
Large writing
Good word choice
Mostly neat writing and drawing
Some misspellings
Large enough to read
Good word choice
Somewhat legible – can read some of it
Lots of misspelling
Poor word choice
Very Sloppy
Not Legible
Horrible spelling
Boring word choice

On Topic
Ten meaningful facts total on poster
On Topic
Seven or eight meaningful facts
Mostly factual
Mostly on topic
Five or six meaningful facts
Not factual
Not on topic
Less than five meaningful facts
Good use of color
Pictures should make your poster better.
Good use of color
Pictures don’t completely support the topic
Not as neat
Not good use of color
Hard to read
Pictures don’t support the topic
Poor use of color
Pictures unrelated or no pictures
Very hard to understand

Picture corresponds to theme
Information connects to heading
Well placed picture that improves the poster
Use all the space
Picture corresponds to theme
Information mostly connects to heading
Picture improves poster
Mostly uncluttered
Uses most of the space
Picture does not correspond to theme
Not all of the information is connected
Random pictures
Slightly cluttered
Blank spaces
No picture or doesn’t correspond
Information not connected to theme
Lack of effort shown
Cluttered or many blank spaces
This one was given a 3. It was well organized but a little cluttered.The pictures help but the could have been better thought out.
This one was given a 4. The graphics improved the project, it was well organized and easy to read.
What do you think?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tucson Symphony Brass Quintet

Today at Lulu Walker in the MPR (music, PE, room).We got to see a Quartet from The Tucson Symphony . They played Star Wars and taught us things like tempo, speed and tamber with instruments like the Drum, Trumpet, French Horn , Triangle, Tuba and a type of whistle that made a tape sound that's from cartoons. They made different sounds and noise songs and told us what its like in the symphony.
They talked about how they learned to play the instruments and when they started playing. They explained how the instruments made the sounds they make and the different way they could be played.

Tell us what you know about the symphony and the instruments they play. Have you ever been to the symphony?

War With Grandpa

Click here for Evaluation Rubric

Group 4

Rating = 3

Group 5

Rating = 2

Group 1

Rating = 2

Group 3

Rating = 1

Group 6

Rating = 2

Group 2

Rating = 2

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Busy as a Beaver - That's a Similie

Today in Mr. Miller's class we learned how to do similies. We also learned how to do partial produts in times. We also got a lot of time to work on our War with Grandpa movies. We also read the City of Ember and Dune and Lina found matches, candles, and a boat. After we read the City of Ember we got more time to finish our War with Grandpa. .
This morning when we tried to go on our blog we tried to go on our cluster map but it did not show up. We also had a map test. We got a new student from Mr. Farley. Today we did not have computers because there was map testing.

Eat at Jason's Deli tonight. It's a fundraiser for Walker School. Thanks.

Friday, September 11, 2009

TFK Madness

Today we had buddy class.Our buddy class is Mr.Berg's class.We played what can you do with cards - fact families and other stuff.
We also read a Time for Kids,and then we did a work sheet.
We did a time for kids and its about all the wild fires in California and it was about astronauts living on the International Space Station,and how Disney channel bought Marvel. It was also about Brad Keselowski. He is a race car driver. He is twenty five years old and he is a top race car driver from Michigan.He learned to race when he was about fourteen years old.Now he is one of NASCAR'S most popular drivers and the head of his own racing company.He sarted racing when he was only a kid somewere when he was maybe eight years old.He was a realy competitive driver with his own pit crew.This article was called I am a Race Car Driver.
We also went to the library.
Do you like NASCAR? Who is your favorite driver?
What can we do to prevent wildfires in Arizona?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

President Obama's Speech

Wordle: President's speech to students
© 2009 Jonathan Feinberg
Attributed to

Today we listened to President Obama's speech to the students of our country. He had many messages to give us about hard work and responsibility. Here is what we took away from the speech.

I loved his speech.My favorite thing about his speech was he said''never give up even if you fail get back on you feet and try again and you''ll get it right.''See why I like it.

The part I liked about Obama's speech was when he talked about failing is how you learn how to do it better the next time you try.

I like Obama's speech becuase it was kinda touching. I liked how Obama said "Never give up even if you fail get back up on your feet and try again."

I thought that the speech was important to me because he had a lot of good sayings like how are we going to change the futrue in 20 years.

The speech that Obama gave out to all the students was a way for leting all of us know that even though you fail things a lot does not mean you can't get to college.Obama said"All students of The United States Of America,you all think that if you fail you wont be able to acheve your goal.I did a lot of bad things in school,but I followed my dream and look at me, I'm the president of The United States.You can make any kind of,like doing your homework and doing your chores.But like me you can do the same thing I do.You can be the president of the United States.But with great power comes great responsibility.Now I'm asking you students of The United States to make a goal for what you are going to do."So set your goal to make a great life!!!"

The speech that Obama gave out was one of the best speeches I heard because he gave us advice to our writing that your first piece of paper that you wrote will not be corect so you need to practice and practice.

I think Obama's speech was important because he taught us how to practice and practice so we can get better grades. I also think that was one of the best speeches I've heard.

I think that Obama's speEch was really cool because kids all over the world could here his speech and they can learn on what he is saying .Obama is no different thenother people just because he is is the president.

I think Obama's speach was awsome.But it is really important for us.He said we have to our best if we want good grades and to become like a doctor or a nurse or a teacher.
So instead of playing, study when you need to.So that's what really popped out at me.

I think that the speech was touching for most of us because he is a person who cares about our education and how we have a big responsibility to go to school so we can learn and he was being truthful to us because he cares about our ways of making us have a better future.

I think the speech helped me a lot because President Obama said that if you get in trouble it dosn't mean that you're a trouble maker. It just means that you just need to do a better job at school. He even said that when he was a little kid like us he used to get in trouble too. So when you get in troube don't think that you're a trouble maker and he even said that if you fail it doesn't mean that you're going to fail that grade the same thing you just need to do better. The most important thing for me that he said is that nobody is perfect at anything but you need to practice that's the most inportant thing for me that President Obama said. Somebody called from a high or college school and said that they were inpressed with the speech that President Obama said.

What I thought about the speech was that it was great. What got my attantion was when he said that nobody is perfect at anything at all not even we follow and pay attention not even that.That is all I have to write so bye bye.

This speech was very inspiring.I think the most important thing from the speech is when Obama said our education is the most important thing in our life.The other thing is when he said the choice you make right now is what you're going to be in the future.I really got some thing from

Friday, September 4, 2009

LIANE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The classroom 25 is the best class because Mr.Miller does not get mad unless you do something wrong .Mr.Miller is a fith grade teacher that is also the assisstant principal . When the principal is gone for the morning announcements we get to do them and is it really fun.When you are in
Mr.Miller's you get a pet spider named Spike.
In the library today we played a game to learn how to find our own books by standing in order by letters .We did ten in a row and it was fun!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Today we learned how to add in a different way. It is called partial sum which is an algorithm.

You had to know your place value. Like 547+797 how to get the answer we have to start with the hundreds place then tens then ones.So we add 5 and 7 which equals 12. So we write 1 thousand 2 hundred. Now add 9 and 4 which equals 13. So we write 1 hundred 30.Now add 7+7=14. Now we add 1,200+130+14=1,344. That's how we do it. Like 4 and 9 you can add the 9 first then the 4 or the other way around.

Micah and Jesus

Today we had another map test. We are going to have another map test and a math MAP test next Tuesday, also =). We had a reading MAP test. We have to practice reading for our next one in Januray so don't worry - we know how to read. Mr.Miller was very funny today because he made a lot of jokes about kids in class. We laugh so hard sometimes. But somtimes we take it seriously. We really enjoy Mr. Miller.♥

Luisa & Sydnee