Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Amphitheater Peace Conference

Today we went to an peace conference at Harelson Elementary School. First we split up into groups with all the other elementary schools in the Amphi district Our leaders were high school students. Then we made a skit or a rap that had to do with peace, and presented it to every- body. Then we all got a balloon off the gym walls and released them to show peace. One person from each school got to release one dove into the sky one at a time. Then we ate lunch and headed back to school.
Everyone will be back on Friday to see an athlete come and talk about how being bullied made him or her focus more on being athletic.

Alexandra and Shelby
Here is a podcast from the conference when Shelby went back on Friday.

Gabcast! Room 25 Online #2

Study Day

Today was a crazy day!We had a whole bunch of studies. First we did our language arts book.Next we did a study thing.Mr. Miller told us to watch a video of the solar system.

After that we went to P.E. We played dodge ball.

We came back and talked about wolves.We also read a book about wolves.

In math we studied triangles.

Then we went to lunch and ate.

After that we went to recess.when recess ended,we came back in and cooled off for a minute.Then we did assignment books.

Mr Miller read Legend of Thunderfoot.It's a book about A Road Runner's life.

Then we all had silent reading.

Mr.Miller played a game with us called Queen Ann.

Then we packed up and went home.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Perfect Day

In the morning we almost finished our space camp schedule, and started on the space camp posters.Then we went to the computer lab and some of us finished our space research paper. We are researching the Solar System.
We came back to class and took our map test and did very well.
After that we came back in the classroom to work a little more before we went to our special bus safety meeting. While we were in the assembly we saw the school mascot. After we had lunch we came back into our classroom to read The Legend
of Thunder Foot.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Back From Amazing Fall Break

Today we came back from Fall Break, and it feels like the first day of school. We heard that Mrs. Shivers' class had baby snails.We also went to art for the first time again, and we painted our pop art work. After that we went to recess and saw our friends again,and we were so happy to see them. It also feels great to be back at school, it's where we belong.We came back to class and started reading about space. Then we did math and made circles with our compasses and also made colored designs in them.
That's what we did in school.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Walker Rules From A to Z

Here is our presentation encouraging PeaceBuiding at Walker School
Click on the movie screen icon in the bottom right corner next to the 26 and it will grow full screen.

Walker Rules from A to Z
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