Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Perfect Day

In the morning we almost finished our space camp schedule, and started on the space camp posters.Then we went to the computer lab and some of us finished our space research paper. We are researching the Solar System.
We came back to class and took our map test and did very well.
After that we came back in the classroom to work a little more before we went to our special bus safety meeting. While we were in the assembly we saw the school mascot. After we had lunch we came back into our classroom to read The Legend
of Thunder Foot.


Alex said...

Hi I liked the school bus presentation in the MPR

samantha said...

I really enjoyed the presentation

Jennifer said...

I liked today because of the math it was fun:)

Itzel said...

I was kind of embarrass because I talked in front of the school and I don't like to talk to the hole school. But I liked it because I got over my fear.I really enjoyed the presentation it was awsome.I also like the vidio that we saw but really I don't know how to take notes. And I would like to learn how to take notes.but the vidio was really cool. So I like what we did in school today.

Abraham said...

This day was fun I really liked it our school mascote came