Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Study Day

Today was a crazy day!We had a whole bunch of studies. First we did our language arts book.Next we did a study thing.Mr. Miller told us to watch a video of the solar system.

After that we went to P.E. We played dodge ball.

We came back and talked about wolves.We also read a book about wolves.

In math we studied triangles.

Then we went to lunch and ate.

After that we went to recess.when recess ended,we came back in and cooled off for a minute.Then we did assignment books.

Mr Miller read Legend of Thunderfoot.It's a book about A Road Runner's life.

Then we all had silent reading.

Mr.Miller played a game with us called Queen Ann.

Then we packed up and went home.


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Abraham said...

I think that this was the day that I worked more in my life