Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tremendous Tucson

This is our Our City podcast
It can also be found here along with other "Our City" podcasts

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Busy, Busy Week

In class we listened to a pod cast from a class in Omaha. In their pod cast they told us about their city. So now in our class we are making a pod cast too. If you have any ideas about Tucson and only Tucson then please leave a comment and tell other people about it and tell them to leave a comment.
We did our final map test including the second and first quarter. A lot of us had to study really really hard to get 100%. We also had our concert for band,choir and orchistra. If you want to come and listen to them perform it is on a Wednesday night at 6:30 at Walker Elementary. If you go please leave a comment about what you thought of it.
In math we are learning about how to make pie graphs and percent. We are also studying how to make a fraction into a decimal and a decimal into a fraction. The steps to doing that is first you need a calculator to do it the easy way. Say you had a fraction like four tenths and then divide ten into four and then when you get your decimal and multiply it by one hundred.
In this last week of school, student council made three days called Spirit Days. On Monday it was Hawaii Day and on Tuesday it is Sports Day and on Wednesday it is Twin Day and also on Wednesday we have a pep assembly.
We also are close to finishing The People of Sparks by Jeanne DuPrau.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Explorer Posters

The student written rubric that we used to rate these posters can be found here. Click on the poster to enlarge.
We felt this group worked well together to create an excellent poster. It included many meaningful facts about Columbus.They created a scroll like effect to enhance their display. We felt this could have been improved by neater writing, a better use of space, and better name placement.
This group had a well organized plan but had difficulty carrying it out. The pictures supported the topic. It could be improved by focusing on neatness and checking the spelling.
This group was well organized.The pictures supported the topic and they included a timeline for each explorer. They could use their space better by using drawing tools, such as a staightedge, and darker colors.
This group made good use of pictures for effect, especially at the bottom of the poster. They used large lettering and a good organizational plan. There were some meaningful facts but also some that were inaccurate. Their name placement was a poor use of space.
This group made good use of color with a theme pattern that ran around the border of the poster and through the web. However, the writing is small and hard to read. The poster feels cluttered. More meaningful facts would also have improved their project.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Map Locations

Here is the information you need for this week's map test. Remember, next week is a final test on all locations from first and second quarters.
Map Locations

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lemons for Literacy

As the old saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” Over 40 million Americans struggle with literacy problems. People who struggle with reading can be seen as having been given lemons in life. With the support of effective reading instruction, these people can turn their lemons into lemonade.
How to Play
Click on the correct answer.
If you get it right, you will get a harder word. If you get it wrong, you will get an easier word.
For each answer you get right, we will donate money that goes toward literacy materials for a person in need.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Columbus Wall

Click here to read our wall on Christopher Columbus. Add a sticky note as you learn more.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why We Blog

Recently we lost our blog due to the district installing a new web filter. We feared we might lose it permanently but it did come back when the filter was adjusted. However,it did make us examine why we blog.Our reasons are in the comments section.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pep Rally

Thanks Shyanne and Danielle

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Class Wordles

Attibuted to

Friday, October 9, 2009

How I'm Spending My Intersession

What have you done during your break? Leave us a comment so we can share in your fun.

Things That Are Important To Us

Thank you to Margaret Wise Brown, the author of The Important Book

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

City of Ember

If you ebjoyed reading about The City of Ember, you might want to check out the author's website. Click here.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Substitute Teachers

On September 28 and the 29 we had a substitute. Having a substitute was different than having Mr. Miller as our teacher because she didn't know what we normally do - like not reading City Of Ember, not using the smart board as much, and not working on our War With Grandpa movies.


I think the sub that we had yesterday was a little rude but other than that she was fine but a lot of people made fun of her like her name and other stuff like that.It was a little boring because we did not get to read City of Ember and work on our War with Grandpa movie. A lot of people went to the principal's office to tell him about the sub.The people who went kind of thought Mr.Miller was subbing as the principal but he was not.


I do not like having a sub because sometimes they're weird like they're too silly or they think they're funny.But I'm happy with Mr.Miller and I happy with who I have and subs don't read The City Of Ember that's my favorite book. I had 2 subs they were both girls they were kinda nice but not too nice we had one Monday and one Tuesday we had to show them how to use the smart board a smart board is like a huge TV that you control by your regular computer and its like a big touch screen that you can write with a special marker. Well that's what its like to have a sub. Do you like having a sub?
Kayla :)

Friday, September 25, 2009


This is a rubric that we made to determine the quality of our webs.
Neat writing and drawing/ Legible
No misspellings
Large writing
Good word choice
Mostly neat writing and drawing
Some misspellings
Large enough to read
Good word choice
Somewhat legible – can read some of it
Lots of misspelling
Poor word choice
Very Sloppy
Not Legible
Horrible spelling
Boring word choice

On Topic
Ten meaningful facts total on poster
On Topic
Seven or eight meaningful facts
Mostly factual
Mostly on topic
Five or six meaningful facts
Not factual
Not on topic
Less than five meaningful facts
Good use of color
Pictures should make your poster better.
Good use of color
Pictures don’t completely support the topic
Not as neat
Not good use of color
Hard to read
Pictures don’t support the topic
Poor use of color
Pictures unrelated or no pictures
Very hard to understand

Picture corresponds to theme
Information connects to heading
Well placed picture that improves the poster
Use all the space
Picture corresponds to theme
Information mostly connects to heading
Picture improves poster
Mostly uncluttered
Uses most of the space
Picture does not correspond to theme
Not all of the information is connected
Random pictures
Slightly cluttered
Blank spaces
No picture or doesn’t correspond
Information not connected to theme
Lack of effort shown
Cluttered or many blank spaces
This one was given a 3. It was well organized but a little cluttered.The pictures help but the could have been better thought out.
This one was given a 4. The graphics improved the project, it was well organized and easy to read.
What do you think?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tucson Symphony Brass Quintet

Today at Lulu Walker in the MPR (music, PE, room).We got to see a Quartet from The Tucson Symphony . They played Star Wars and taught us things like tempo, speed and tamber with instruments like the Drum, Trumpet, French Horn , Triangle, Tuba and a type of whistle that made a tape sound that's from cartoons. They made different sounds and noise songs and told us what its like in the symphony.
They talked about how they learned to play the instruments and when they started playing. They explained how the instruments made the sounds they make and the different way they could be played.

Tell us what you know about the symphony and the instruments they play. Have you ever been to the symphony?

War With Grandpa

Click here for Evaluation Rubric

Group 4

Rating = 3

Group 5

Rating = 2

Group 1

Rating = 2

Group 3

Rating = 1

Group 6

Rating = 2

Group 2

Rating = 2

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Busy as a Beaver - That's a Similie

Today in Mr. Miller's class we learned how to do similies. We also learned how to do partial produts in times. We also got a lot of time to work on our War with Grandpa movies. We also read the City of Ember and Dune and Lina found matches, candles, and a boat. After we read the City of Ember we got more time to finish our War with Grandpa. .
This morning when we tried to go on our blog we tried to go on our cluster map but it did not show up. We also had a map test. We got a new student from Mr. Farley. Today we did not have computers because there was map testing.

Eat at Jason's Deli tonight. It's a fundraiser for Walker School. Thanks.

Friday, September 11, 2009

TFK Madness

Today we had buddy class.Our buddy class is Mr.Berg's class.We played what can you do with cards - fact families and other stuff.
We also read a Time for Kids,and then we did a work sheet.
We did a time for kids and its about all the wild fires in California and it was about astronauts living on the International Space Station,and how Disney channel bought Marvel. It was also about Brad Keselowski. He is a race car driver. He is twenty five years old and he is a top race car driver from Michigan.He learned to race when he was about fourteen years old.Now he is one of NASCAR'S most popular drivers and the head of his own racing company.He sarted racing when he was only a kid somewere when he was maybe eight years old.He was a realy competitive driver with his own pit crew.This article was called I am a Race Car Driver.
We also went to the library.
Do you like NASCAR? Who is your favorite driver?
What can we do to prevent wildfires in Arizona?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

President Obama's Speech

Wordle: President's speech to students
© 2009 Jonathan Feinberg
Attributed to

Today we listened to President Obama's speech to the students of our country. He had many messages to give us about hard work and responsibility. Here is what we took away from the speech.

I loved his speech.My favorite thing about his speech was he said''never give up even if you fail get back on you feet and try again and you''ll get it right.''See why I like it.

The part I liked about Obama's speech was when he talked about failing is how you learn how to do it better the next time you try.

I like Obama's speech becuase it was kinda touching. I liked how Obama said "Never give up even if you fail get back up on your feet and try again."

I thought that the speech was important to me because he had a lot of good sayings like how are we going to change the futrue in 20 years.

The speech that Obama gave out to all the students was a way for leting all of us know that even though you fail things a lot does not mean you can't get to college.Obama said"All students of The United States Of America,you all think that if you fail you wont be able to acheve your goal.I did a lot of bad things in school,but I followed my dream and look at me, I'm the president of The United States.You can make any kind of,like doing your homework and doing your chores.But like me you can do the same thing I do.You can be the president of the United States.But with great power comes great responsibility.Now I'm asking you students of The United States to make a goal for what you are going to do."So set your goal to make a great life!!!"

The speech that Obama gave out was one of the best speeches I heard because he gave us advice to our writing that your first piece of paper that you wrote will not be corect so you need to practice and practice.

I think Obama's speech was important because he taught us how to practice and practice so we can get better grades. I also think that was one of the best speeches I've heard.

I think that Obama's speEch was really cool because kids all over the world could here his speech and they can learn on what he is saying .Obama is no different thenother people just because he is is the president.

I think Obama's speach was awsome.But it is really important for us.He said we have to our best if we want good grades and to become like a doctor or a nurse or a teacher.
So instead of playing, study when you need to.So that's what really popped out at me.

I think that the speech was touching for most of us because he is a person who cares about our education and how we have a big responsibility to go to school so we can learn and he was being truthful to us because he cares about our ways of making us have a better future.

I think the speech helped me a lot because President Obama said that if you get in trouble it dosn't mean that you're a trouble maker. It just means that you just need to do a better job at school. He even said that when he was a little kid like us he used to get in trouble too. So when you get in troube don't think that you're a trouble maker and he even said that if you fail it doesn't mean that you're going to fail that grade the same thing you just need to do better. The most important thing for me that he said is that nobody is perfect at anything but you need to practice that's the most inportant thing for me that President Obama said. Somebody called from a high or college school and said that they were inpressed with the speech that President Obama said.

What I thought about the speech was that it was great. What got my attantion was when he said that nobody is perfect at anything at all not even we follow and pay attention not even that.That is all I have to write so bye bye.

This speech was very inspiring.I think the most important thing from the speech is when Obama said our education is the most important thing in our life.The other thing is when he said the choice you make right now is what you're going to be in the future.I really got some thing from

Friday, September 4, 2009

LIANE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The classroom 25 is the best class because Mr.Miller does not get mad unless you do something wrong .Mr.Miller is a fith grade teacher that is also the assisstant principal . When the principal is gone for the morning announcements we get to do them and is it really fun.When you are in
Mr.Miller's you get a pet spider named Spike.
In the library today we played a game to learn how to find our own books by standing in order by letters .We did ten in a row and it was fun!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Today we learned how to add in a different way. It is called partial sum which is an algorithm.

You had to know your place value. Like 547+797 how to get the answer we have to start with the hundreds place then tens then ones.So we add 5 and 7 which equals 12. So we write 1 thousand 2 hundred. Now add 9 and 4 which equals 13. So we write 1 hundred 30.Now add 7+7=14. Now we add 1,200+130+14=1,344. That's how we do it. Like 4 and 9 you can add the 9 first then the 4 or the other way around.

Micah and Jesus

Today we had another map test. We are going to have another map test and a math MAP test next Tuesday, also =). We had a reading MAP test. We have to practice reading for our next one in Januray so don't worry - we know how to read. Mr.Miller was very funny today because he made a lot of jokes about kids in class. We laugh so hard sometimes. But somtimes we take it seriously. We really enjoy Mr. Miller.♥

Luisa & Sydnee

Friday, August 28, 2009

Our New Pet Spike

Spike is our class pet tarantula.
Spike is really cool and fuzzy.Spike looks scary but she is not scary and she dosn't bite at all. We got Spike on August twenty eighth 2009. Spike eats crickets but they have to be alive.
When she sheds she lies on her back and she sleeps for a while and crawls out of her old skin.

We also want to ask you one question. Tarantulas have eight eyes but why don't they see very well?

What fun facts have you learned about tarantulas?

Monday, August 24, 2009

I like Mr.Miller so far but we still have a long way to go. He's so cool.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Volcano World

If you enjoyed learning about volcanoes today, you might enjoy visiting this website

It has lots of facts and stories about volcanoes.
Leave a comment if you find something interesting.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What Mr. Miller's Class Is About

Mr. Miller's class is fun because we do fun stuff. We have science projects, math, and reading. Mr. Miller is very funny because sometimes he does funny stuff like joking about his hair and the kids in class.
Mr. Miller showed us this game that we're supposed to figure out called Queen Anne. For example:
funny is Queen Anne but joking is not
sunny is Queen Anne but bright is not
butter is Queen Anne but margarine is not
The map tests are even fun too.

What has been your most favorite part of the year so far?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

We helped Sary

This is about how we helped Sary on

We helped Sary by loaning him $25.00 to boost up his job .We loaned him money so he could have enough items to fix his motorcycle. Sary and his wife sell perfume,powder, and lipstick. Sary and his wife buy their goods from Phnom market.He lives in Cambodia and they have a little daughter and when we looked for him he only needed $100.00 and we gave him $25.00. He is going to pay us back when he has enough money.

Kiva is about people that need money to start their businesses.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Today was great because we did our first science project.
We are learning the five senses of the brain
Today we started to read the City of Ember. Also we started to read The War with Grandpa.
We also started to record our voices for A is for Alice. We had to use the first letter of our name for everything we did.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The class rocks

The class rocks and Mr.Miller rules I made all kinds of new stuff. I think he gives us really cool home work online. He gives us really cool work in the class. I think making a movie was the best project we did. He wants us to figure out a queen ann mystery. Mr. Miller made us make these movies ond Mr. miller's was filmed in old Tucson it was cool.I think 5th grade is cool. People say Mr.Miller is mean but that is not true. It 's really not true he is the nicest teacher you could get.


I wanted to say what what we have been doing in class,we have been drawing, learning about each other and we have been talking like crazy but MR.Miller still likes us as his studnts no matter what happens.And I also like my teacher Mr.Miller and so does every body else.Our favorite thing to do is to work with our teacher.Our teacher is very nice and fun and not to mention cool.And my friend would like to say something.Fifth grade is very fun and we're trying to figure out what a queen ann is.Well that is true now we have a qwestion?Well what do you think queen ann is mmmmmmm well what do you think?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Voki Broadcasting

Get a Voki now!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A new Ning

I am trying something new for our class. It's called a ning. It's a different type of blog. Come visit and join up.

Visit Room 25 Online

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Advice for Next Year's Fifth Graders

The class of 2009 would like to give you some advice. Click on the podcast player to the right to listen

Fifth Grade Memories

The fifth grade year for me was all about the field trips that we went on. We went to the Symphony, and the Planetarium. We went to the Children's Memorial Park and ate lunch when we went to the Planetarium. I also enjoyed some of the math lessons that we had worked on. Learning about fractions sure was hard and fun at the same time. I really,really loved our fifth grade musical. That was the best time of the school year for me. We learned about the American Revolution and I was the famous John Hancock. I had a blast this year and hope that you do too. Please really do not make fun of Mr. Miller that much because he is a really cool teacher and a great mentor. Your really gonna love him he is funny. But you can make fun of him sometimes just not when he is in a really bad mood aor is angry about something and only do it when he brings something up about it himself. Well have a great time in this class and hope that you enjoyed the podcast aswell.. Good Luck and dont forget to have fun too. Bye and work hard too!!!


Fifth grade was fun and these are reasons why. My most favorite thing was the feild trips, they were the symphony and the planetaruam. One other thing was the fifth grade picnic it had chesseburgers, hotdogs and lots of other things. Next is the football, before Mr.Lansa was principal there was no football. Another reason is the American Revolution play and I was a colony in the play. Lastly is being in fifth grade it feels good to be a fifth grade because you are then oldest kids in the school. Those are reasons why fifth grade is fun.


In fifth grade it was fun but hard. Buddy class was cool everyone in ms.daily's was really smart. the fifth grade picnic was really fun, there was seconds on almost everything.


My year in fifth grade was really fun! I am going to miss everything we did like our field trips to the Symphony and the Planetarium!Dont listen to people when they tell you Mr.Miller is mean, he really isnt. I learned alot from him, he is a great teacher! I will also miss all my friends and my buddie. We did alot of fun things like the fifth grade barbaque, and the fifth grade tunnel. We also had fun projects like seeing how much fat was in certain kinds of food, and the stock market. When I did these projects I enjoyed them , I hope you do to. Have fun in fifth grade.


Hey guys!My fifth grade experinceWas the best!My favorite part was our American Revoultion play.Theres alot of different parts so be ready!You should try out.Mr.Miller is the best teacher.He is my favorite teacher.I loved reading.We read alot of awesome books.Good luck!see ya soon class of 2009/2010


I'm going to miss my buddy class teacher , because she my teacher and I love her. She is so nice to and everybody else. I also like when we went to the symhonythey had really cool insertments in it .I play one of them , the violin.


I liked buudy class and what I also liked for fun is P.E. but the thing that I liked the most are the teachers they can get a little bit annoying but they help you get ready for sixth grade


Hey almost 5th graders! 5th grade wasd fun. We did lots of neat projects. My favorite was in science. We made diagrams of all human parts.Another one is about the Stock Market, you will follow companys and their stocks. Anyway there are also field trips to the symphony, and others. In 5th grade you get to do special things like the tunnel, 5th grade BBQ, and the tile project.Hope you have as much fun as I did, and good luck!


In 5th grade we learned a lot . Science was my favorite. We learned about people's body parts.It was interesting.We did a lot of things. It was really fun.
I also liked all the teachers. They were really nice . They put a play on for us about the American Revolution. It was fun. We learned a lot and we had fan you will do fun stuff too.


Dear fifth grade,
Fifth grade is the best grade I ever been in. at first I thought it would be hard but when you use to it. I like it all the field trips because there are the Planetarium,Memorial Park,Symphony,and We had to go to La Cima. To go to La Cima we actually had to walk, it was really fun.I have to tell something when it's lunch its seems like it will take forever.but remember Mr.miller when we get in trouble Mr.Miller always gives us the boring speech about if we don't learn nothing we will work at a fast food places!!But it's sometimes true.


In 5th grade the best thing i did is play with my friends. going to our buddy class becuse you play games with them. And our team won the game and we want to get ice cerme at Ms.daly


Dear 5th graders
I am very happy you got Mr.Miller's class! He is a great teacher, but tough at times.I'm sorry your buddy class isn't Mrs.Daley,because her and her class were amazing!My favorite part was the fifth grade picnic, and the worst part was that lunch seems like it's going to take forever to get here! We had fun times at the Memorial Park and after our two field trips, The Planetarium, and the Symphony! I love going of campus, only cause it means were not sitting at our desks listening to Mr.Miller's boring speeches!! Good Luck, and remember not to make fun of Mr.Miller's bald head!


Some of my favorite things I did this year was when we went to our buddy class because we got to teach them things like a real teacher, we even got cupcakes and popsicles once because of participating. Another time was when we had to write down the stock market's movements, we even had to choose our company to follow. There was also this book called Sighn Of The Beaver that was about a white boy and an Indian boy that learned about eachother by becoming friends. You might even have a field trip to the Symphony Orchestra where they teach you about music. Hope you have good grades in 5th. sincerely,


Some of my favorite thing I did in 5th grade was the 5th grade Barbie Q it was so much fn all of my friends were there we all eat hot dogs and we all enjoyed it!But there was more things like the fild trips and the science project there were all Fun! Also I cant wait to go to La Cima I hear its a cool school but maybe I wont go! So have fun it 5th grade!!


Fifth grade is fun you get to do lots of fun things,but its not all fun and games. Also don't forget about the awesome things fifth graders get to do. Like the fifth grade tunnle, the BBQ, and the walk to La Cima.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Musical Tuesday

Today was a very musical day. We went to the Tucson Symphony. It was a whole show of good classical music and a lot of beautiful instruments. The show was so cool. Also some us knew what some those pieces were and that was cool too. The actual show itself was about a hour and a half long. When we got there the place started to pile up with kids from different schools from all over Tucson. There were at least over 10 different buses and a LOT of student. That show was the best field trip that I have ever been to in my entire school year. What is your favorite part about the whole field trip ?


After we got back we went straight to our classrooms to get our lunch. Then we headed out to recess to eat our lunch. We had about a 45 minute recess. After the 45 minute recess we went inside for another break because Mr.Miller didn't want us to overheat. When we were done with our two breaks we went back to work on our 5th grade play.

Eli and Kai

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mega Practice Monday

This morning was a little scary. We HAD to rehearse the play on stage. Some of the characters in the play have to sing solos and I had to sing a solo. It was very scary and some of us had stage fright. So when we all went up there it was soooooooooo scary. When we got back we had to do a boring math paper. So today was not all that exciting . Oh and also we are going to the symphony/orchestra tomorrow so all of you 3-5 graders you better bring your permission slips. So what is your favorite part in the whole play and what part would you have rather been?
The American Revolutionary Play shows May 7th in the MPR so bring all of your parents!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shape Poems

Hey guys!Today we did something called Shape Poems.We were supposed to write about something and draw a picture around it that has something to do with that poem.It was LOADS of fun.We all did really cool poems.
If you want to try one, go here

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Field Trip!!

We went to the University Planetarium to study the nine planets and rocks and minerals. We went to two exhibits. One we got to play lots of cool stuff to teach us how things work. My favorite game was the one that you spuned on and pulled your self in and got really fast. There was a cave with meteorites and pictures of other stars and galaxies. Also there was a large screen that could read your body heat like a snake's vision.

Then we went to see rocks and minerals. My favorite was one shaped as a heart. Another good one was pyrite. We also saw petrified wood (which can form in one year), amythyst, topaz, emeralds, diamonds,and peridot. They were shiny. Some stones looked like crumpled tin foil others looked like crystals with hair or needles. There was a microscope to look at the rocks.

After that we went to see the show where they showed you all nine planets and made you feel like you were in space. The projector's name was Hector Vector Star Projector. I felt like the room was spinning because the stars were moving in the show. It was cool but it was kind of weird. You weren't allowed to raise your hand like in class because it was too dark or you might block Hector.

For lunch we stopped at Children's Memorial Park. After that we didn't want to go back to class because we were having so much fun on our field trip. It's so sad that the Planetarium is closing forever so go visit it before it closes on May 31, 2009.

Twisty Tuesday

Today we went to computers and we had to make our stock market charts into line graphs. Stock markets are businesses that we follow every day.Some of the buisnesses are Pepsi, Wal-mart and others companies. So today was the last day of doing the stock maket.

We did our map test which was easy to me and most of our class thought it was easy.After recess we did math which was boring. It was coordinate graphs. We made the United States and some sail boats using coordinates.
After math we had some time leftso we started to practice our play called "The American Revolution." It's awesome !! Then we finally went home

Monday, April 13, 2009

Colonial Diaries

If you'd like to read some stories about our adventures colonizing the new world, click here
Be sure to scroll all the way to the right to see the names of the stories.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What Shape is your Name?

DIRECTIONS:The class got a paper with a grid on it. There was a code box on it too, and whatever letters are in your name, you would put the numbers. Then use them as coordinates.First we found coordinates to the letters of our name and wrote that down. Then we put it on the grid and it made a shape. We kept doing that but varied the pattern and it made the same shape but another direction.Then there would be a pattern. After you did all that, it made a shape. Then you would find a pattern, and then color.

The worksheet is available here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Confused Tuesday

Today at school everything was backwards. We didn't have our daily activities in the morning. We had them at the end of the day. To add to that we didn't even have the regular activity we were supposed to have. We had music instead of computer lab, just because of AIM's.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our Wacky Wednsday

Hello! Guess what we have been doing? More AIMS practice testing! Our next AIMS test is April,6th,2009.Two More days!Yikes!
Today our "special"was P.E. Our class is doing Fitness Testing,A test to see how fit each individual is in our school.Our test today was running the mile!We were so exhausted!
When we were finished hyperventilating,we learned about Paul Revere.We also heard this super long poem written about him.
For two weeks,we will be doing a stock report about different companies' progress. It's really cool to learn about the Economy. What business would you like to follow? Why? We will write to all of ya'll soon! See'ya!

Sierra&Shelby the BFF'S

Monday, March 30, 2009

Grandperson's Day Podcast: McBroom Tells The Truth

Sorry it took us a little longer than anticipated to get this published but you can hear it here

Friday, March 27, 2009

"AIMS" Coming to Theaters March 30, 2009

When we arrived at school, we did our weekly DOL. It was about the beginning of Coca-Cola. Then we started the sample test for the AIMS, writing part. Then we all went to library and could only get 2 books because our librarian is retiring. Then we went to recess for 15 minutes, like always.Then we continued the AIMS (practice) test in total silence. We were all thinking very hard about our prompt. The prompt was, if you could go anywhere on Earth, where would you go, but you could only go 3 places. Where would you go?
After that we saw a Samuel Adams video.
After that, it was time to go home!
Alex and Sierra

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cool, Adventurous, and Awesome Day

The first amazing thing we did in the morning was just talk among ourselves for a few minutes. Then we did this venn diagram about buttons which was very interesting but very weird and cool. After those amazing elements we did this Master of Pop paper that was about these very interesting people that make these really cool pop up books that are really awesome. A few minutes after we did reading and it was not that fun for me or my friends. And after that we did something really scary, MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH! Isn't that so scary? Any way we did math and it was not that fun. We were learning about adding fractions and it was pretty interesting but boring too. In a few minutes we are about to do Social Studies or something like that. Thats what we did today.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fun Tuesday

We went to the Computer Lab to do our second diaries. The class did the Map Test. We read our Explore Books. We got out our Math books and did some work. Some classmates went to the Book Fair that is this week. Grandparents can come to Grandparents day on March 13. Grandparents can also come to the Book Fair. Next week we don't have school. Be happy about next week. We are doing silent reading at school. Learn more and be good in school.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

I learned how to read with Dr. Seuss. My favorite book was To Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street. It reminded me of the street I grew up on.

Do you have a favorite Dr.Seuss book? Do you remember one from when you were little?

Mr. Miller

Saturday, February 28, 2009


How do you like our new Wordle?
Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently. You can tweak the clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes.
This is the text from our last few blog posts.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Don't you think that this morning was nice and cool? Well let's move on from that point.
We were very busy last week, because it was Spirit Week. Spirit Week is about certain holidays that Walker celebrates here at school. Also did the PEP Assembly on Friday. Our principal, Mr. Lansa, actually ate real, dead... chocolate bugs. (GROSS!) Well at least I didn't see it close up but the student council did!
Anyway, today at school we have been doing alot of our Discovery booklets. Our Colonies are doing great.
Which was your favorite day of Spirit Week?

See ya !!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Pep Assembly.......ect.

WOW!!!We had an EXTRAORDINARY Friday and weekend.Well on Friday almost at the end of the day we had a.......Pep Assembly.To some people the Pep Assembly was sort of boring but it was very Extraordinary.Well what was cool was that our principal ate bugs that were dipped in dark chocolate.The third grade dance was what I liked the best and also the teacher's game. Mrs. Smith ran for our grade and came in 2nd place. That was our really extraordinary pep assembly day!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

War of the Worlds

Listen to Room25Online's dramatic recreation of the classic "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sign of the Beaver

If you have trouble viewing this project, click here

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day.First we did our DOL about Valentine's Day. We also learned about Arizona's b-day.
Then we went to the Library. We chose very good books.After Library, we went to break.
When we came back from break, some of us had to finish a test.
Soon we will take our Math test it's about fractions.The whole class is biting their nails about it because we have to add and subtract different denominators.(oh my gosh).The Math test was kind of easy But It was horrible!
For lunch we had rubber(Grilled cheese)!
After lunch some of the people still had to finish the math test.Next,we will read a book called Gregor the Overlander.It's an excellent book.Then we get to pass out Valentines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Colony Progress

Boston Revolution
We are doing really well except that when we were sailing we lost a ship and all our cargo, and that ship was the Singapore. But when we landed we got lucky and got 100 units of food. We haven't lost any people yet and we have a lot of food. So far we haven't had any earthquakes, tornados, or any horrible things like that. We are one of the successful colonies.

We had good luck in sailing, money and land besides the earthquake that made 72 adults work to repair the damages. Other than that we did fine $_$.

So far when we left home, we lost one ship sailing to the New Land.When we got to the New Land we lost one person because he killed an Indian that person was tried for murder.Also we lost 15 people because our fishing boat sunk .That is what has happened so far in our colony.

Black Canary

We've had a variety of good weather and great everything else.We had great landing and sailing.We did not lose anything during the sailing period.We met some friendly Native Americans.We landed in a wondrful spot where there is plenty of water for us to drink and bathe in.We have all of our supplies and have not lost anything except for food.We also had some bad luck with the Native Americans.We also have plenty of food to last us a while.We are having a great time working with each other.We did have a few arguements but we worked them out eventually.We all as a team are going through a lot right now.Our captain and governor is working really hard. So that's what's been going on in our colony so far.

Black Monkeys

We were having good luck but then we picked a farming card and it said "A plague kills all farm animals." Then we had no farm animals. We have had good luck lately.Really, the only bad thing that has happened to us is when all our farm animals died.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monday Marathon

Today has been a busy day for us.We have been very busy doing our Discovery books,which is on Social Studies. We have been working on a simulation for a few weeks. Each table is a colony. they have a flag and ships to sail to the New World. All colonies have landed and chosen land to start their colony.

Also we have been reading a book called Sign of the Beaver. The book is a about an American who meets a Native American in what will become the Maine colony. The American's name is Matt,and the native American's name is Attean. Attean teaches Matt hunting styles,and Matt teaches Attean White man signs.(Reading.)

It's the final week for the Science Fair,and we are all working very hard to finish and have a perfect score this year.

Today we went to Computer lab and studied endangered animals in China.

Then we had a big Map test on the Fifty States.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Congratulations to our Second Quarter Honor Roll students!
Gold Honor Roll
Silver Honor Roll

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

StoryTeller Dolls

We have added a page about storyteller dolls to our wiki. Mrs. Peterson, the art teacher, is teaching us about them.

If you would like to join our wiki, please send me an email.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Miller Measuring

Our class was working on measuring part's of our body with centimeters, millimeters, and inches, from a meter stick. We measured 1- finger width, Palm, Joint, Finger stretch, Great Span, Cubit, Fathom, and Natural Yard!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Today was my favorite day because We all got to watch the Inauguration of Barack Obama.A lot of people who were watching it were not enjoying it as much as I because they didn't like him. Some people wanted McCain to win. I'm glad that Obama won.That was the best part of the day for me.

I think that Obama will make a wonderful president.He has so many bright ideas to help out this country.He has the courage and the brains to to get us through the next four years.I also thought that McCain had alot of good ideas for our country as well but Obama to me had his all organized and well planned out and ready to become president.

That speech will carry on a new generation and everyone will thank him for this honor that he has given us.So we all should thank Obama for his help with our country.Thank you.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Today was a very crazy day for us all.The first thing on our wacky schedule was we went to P.E and we played Capture the Flag against Mr. Moore's class and we beat them.

After we beat them,we came back to class and did Lanaguage Arts.We worked on a He said She said chart to find different synonyms for the word said.We took a quiz about our new book, Sign of the Beaver.Then we went to recess and had some fun.

When we got back from recess,We did math after we worked on our books.We converted fractions into decimals and decimals into fractions using our calculators. Also while we did math we did math boxes.After math we read quietly.Then we went to lunch and ate some good lunch.

When we got back from lunch,Mr.Miller told us our assignments.Mr. Miller started reading a new book called Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins.Then we went home and some of us went to the after school program.
A little extra thing that I would like to tell you about is the Science Fair.It is coming up on February 11th,2009.All 4th and 5th grade is required to do and turn in a Science Project.The project counts as your report card grade.Please do all the teachers a favor and GET IT DONE!!!