Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Musical Tuesday

Today was a very musical day. We went to the Tucson Symphony. It was a whole show of good classical music and a lot of beautiful instruments. The show was so cool. Also some us knew what some those pieces were and that was cool too. The actual show itself was about a hour and a half long. When we got there the place started to pile up with kids from different schools from all over Tucson. There were at least over 10 different buses and a LOT of student. That show was the best field trip that I have ever been to in my entire school year. What is your favorite part about the whole field trip ?


After we got back we went straight to our classrooms to get our lunch. Then we headed out to recess to eat our lunch. We had about a 45 minute recess. After the 45 minute recess we went inside for another break because Mr.Miller didn't want us to overheat. When we were done with our two breaks we went back to work on our 5th grade play.

Eli and Kai

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shelby said...

I'm not going to miss all the school work. I'm going to miss all my friends.