Monday, April 27, 2009

Mega Practice Monday

This morning was a little scary. We HAD to rehearse the play on stage. Some of the characters in the play have to sing solos and I had to sing a solo. It was very scary and some of us had stage fright. So when we all went up there it was soooooooooo scary. When we got back we had to do a boring math paper. So today was not all that exciting . Oh and also we are going to the symphony/orchestra tomorrow so all of you 3-5 graders you better bring your permission slips. So what is your favorite part in the whole play and what part would you have rather been?
The American Revolutionary Play shows May 7th in the MPR so bring all of your parents!!!

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shelby said...

I thought that the really fun. I thought it was the best one I've done at walker ever.