Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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Spelling Bee

Congratulations to our class Spelling Bee champs

Kai and Sierra

Great Job!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Grinch was great. The end was very cool. They did a dance to a really good song at the end.This performance was by Mrs. Martinez and Mrs. Cunha and they did a wonderful job with the costumes and the singing.There will be another performance on December 16 in evening in the M.P.R.

by Shelby

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Big Universe Books

Click on the books to read them in a larger format

Samantha's Published Book

Haleigh and Abri's Published Book

Monday, December 8, 2008


When we came to school,we all had rainy day schedule.That's when we had to go to our classroom right away. When school started we found out that we had adopted a family.All the fifth grade got an infomation sheet about the family.The oldest son is 14,the middle daughter is 11,and the youngest is a boy and he is 6.The oldest is hoping to get :Music,arts sports(favorite teams are the Jets and the Packers).The middle daughter wanted Crafts, arts, gel pens and accessories.The youngest son wants Creative arts and crafts and cars and trucks.
W e did classification in language arts.After that we had to go to art.
Then we HAD to go to recess.When we got back from recess,we all worked on our reading board games.Then we worked on fractions in math..The after math we all went to lunch.We all had alot of fun.Then when we came back we read a book called Room One as you should know.Now we are finishing up our board games.Then we all said goodbye.GOODBYE!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In the morning we worked on suffixes. After that we went to P.E and did fitness testing . After P.E we went to recess, then we went to class and worked on the games that we are making.The games are what we are going to play with our buddies. Then we did math before we went to lunch, after we went to lunch we did silent reading until we went home. The best part about today is that we have no homework.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Caned Food Drive

December 1st through December 18th there is a big thing happening - we are having a canned food drive. If you are interested, bring in non-perishable food, or you can give money to your child so they can give it to their teacher to buy canned food. If you really want to help you can bring lots of food and money so that the people we give it to will have smiles on their faces. As well as there is a prize for the class that brings in the most food - they will get a 100 dollar gift certificate to a teachers store.


If we win, I will donate the $100 dollars to buy more food.
Mr. Miller

Monday, December 1, 2008

Back form Turkey Day!

Today in language arts we talked about suffixes. Then we had art and we started a new project. After that we had to fix our mistakes on the math test. When we finished we did math boxes and headed out to lunch. When we came back we rearranged the desks AGAIN! WE read a chapter of Room One.Then talked about our new social studies project about explorers. After that we did silent reading. Finally we went home! d:)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Today our class went to computers and we worked in our wiki. A wiki is like a report, but a lot of people could go and do some work in it at the same time.

Then we went to an opera. It was cool too because it was about animals being peace builders. After the first opera we saw another play. It was about the Bus Driver of the Black Lagoon.

Then we went to recess.

After recess we took our Map test. Also we took our math test. It was very hard,just like our map test.

Mr.Miller started reading a book called Room One.Then wecontinued to do our wiki.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Talkative Monday

WOW!!!Today we all used our voice quite a bit. Well, first we did language arts about different suffixes. After that we went to art and worked on our NAME ALIENS! Then we went to recess and played for 15 minutes.When we got back from recess we worked on our books War With Grandpa or Island of the Blue Dolphin and worked on our reading packets.

Then we started our math review for tomorrow's math test. Mr.Miller,our teacher,told us where our MAP TEST locations are.We went to lunch and ate chille or plain Hot Dogs. After we came back from Lunch we got to do some silent reading for a little bit. Then Mr.Miller read aloud two chapters on our book called Room One.

We are finishing up the 2nd chapter of the book.

Monday, November 10, 2008

What we did today!

We learned different names for money from around globe.Some of us finished our color wheel in art.We did long division before lunch.And we had fried chicken for gave us tons of gas.Then after lunch we read Room One.At 1:30p.m we will see Ms.Kierzek and Ms.Lagan .Tuesday we have a whole day off to honor the veterans,so we are going to have to take the map test on Wednesday.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Classroom Clickers

Clickers are controllers that let you press the answer you want, so you don't have to raise your hand in class. Clickers are extremely fun for the whole class. It is a whole lot easier for the whole class so you get all the answers faster and quieter.

BY: Alexandra, Katherine, and Malik

What happens to your answer once you press a clicker?
Mr. Miller

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Amphitheater Peace Conference

Today we went to an peace conference at Harelson Elementary School. First we split up into groups with all the other elementary schools in the Amphi district Our leaders were high school students. Then we made a skit or a rap that had to do with peace, and presented it to every- body. Then we all got a balloon off the gym walls and released them to show peace. One person from each school got to release one dove into the sky one at a time. Then we ate lunch and headed back to school.
Everyone will be back on Friday to see an athlete come and talk about how being bullied made him or her focus more on being athletic.

Alexandra and Shelby
Here is a podcast from the conference when Shelby went back on Friday.

Gabcast! Room 25 Online #2

Study Day

Today was a crazy day!We had a whole bunch of studies. First we did our language arts book.Next we did a study thing.Mr. Miller told us to watch a video of the solar system.

After that we went to P.E. We played dodge ball.

We came back and talked about wolves.We also read a book about wolves.

In math we studied triangles.

Then we went to lunch and ate.

After that we went to recess.when recess ended,we came back in and cooled off for a minute.Then we did assignment books.

Mr Miller read Legend of Thunderfoot.It's a book about A Road Runner's life.

Then we all had silent reading.

Mr.Miller played a game with us called Queen Ann.

Then we packed up and went home.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Perfect Day

In the morning we almost finished our space camp schedule, and started on the space camp posters.Then we went to the computer lab and some of us finished our space research paper. We are researching the Solar System.
We came back to class and took our map test and did very well.
After that we came back in the classroom to work a little more before we went to our special bus safety meeting. While we were in the assembly we saw the school mascot. After we had lunch we came back into our classroom to read The Legend
of Thunder Foot.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Back From Amazing Fall Break

Today we came back from Fall Break, and it feels like the first day of school. We heard that Mrs. Shivers' class had baby snails.We also went to art for the first time again, and we painted our pop art work. After that we went to recess and saw our friends again,and we were so happy to see them. It also feels great to be back at school, it's where we belong.We came back to class and started reading about space. Then we did math and made circles with our compasses and also made colored designs in them.
That's what we did in school.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Walker Rules From A to Z

Here is our presentation encouraging PeaceBuiding at Walker School
Click on the movie screen icon in the bottom right corner next to the 26 and it will grow full screen.

Walker Rules from A to Z
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Funny Poet Acts at Our Feet

Taylor Mali was so funny I like the way he makes me laugh.He had some phenomenal poetry and he cracked me up.All of his poetry is from his life and what has happened in his life.I love the poem about the girl who can't find her pen in her backpack.I enjoyed the one about the dog who was love.He had a lot of bright ideas.He makes some of these wierd and funny noises.I think he had lots of talent. I love his work.I wonder how he makes those noises.Taylor is one of the funniest people that I have ever met.
Today we also did buddy class. In buddy class we did a math game and worked on a TFK.
In library we checked out a truck load of books. Also we worked on our time lines for Kid in the Red Jacket.
Shelby and Samantha

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Favorite Jokes

Why are penguins so popular on the internet?
They have web feet

Why is it so easy to weigh fish?
They have their own scales

Why was the tomato blushing?
Because it saw the ranch dressing

How does a penguin build its house?
Igloos it together

How do you communicate with fish?
Drop him a line

Why was 6 afraid of 7?
Because 7 ate 9

What do you call a frog that hops over the road,jumps in a puddle,then jumps back over the road?
A dirty double crosser.

What did the water say to the boat?
Nothing it just waved

What fish is the most valuable?
A goldfish.

Where do cows go when they to see a movie?
To the moooovies.

Why did the elephant hate to play cards in the jungle?
Because there were too many cheetahs

Why did the whale cross the road.
To get to the other tide.

Knock-knock. Who 's there.
Nobody who.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Substitute Teachers

Subsitute Teachers can be real awesome or real mean! Our subsitute teacher was cool but she talked too much. She kept on changing the subject, first she was talking about math then she was talking about the Twin Towers! She was cool, I have to admit, I mean, she said that girls ruled the school, how awesome is that! So, subsitute teachers arent that bad.

The subsitute teacher was cool. She let us have recess and she was being nice to me and my friends. I like the way she respects us and I'm sooo relieved she is not one of those teachers who are all mean to kids!!!!Like I say girls rule and boys drooll and teachers rule. Also, I think she is awesome, and she said some pretty funny things. Everyone was laughing at my table except me and Brianna were scared of her.Oh,and when she said she wasn't going to be here today everyone was so happy.

The subsitute was cool ,but she could be a little harsh.But other then that she was an okay subsitute teacher. She knew what to do but on some things she did not know. She even made me never want to go on a plane because she said" somebody put a bomb in their shoes." That's why she was a cool substitute teacher.
Brianna, Amanda

Friday, September 12, 2008

The amazing week at school

Today in school we waited for Mr.Lansa' announcements. After that we did boring D.O.L. My favorite part of the day which is right after D.O.L and it is library and it rocks. We are allowed to check out four books at a time but we would like it to be however many we want. When we got done with library we came back to the class room and we put our books at our desk and went to recess. After recess we did ok

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Dog's Life

Our class is reading a book called A Dog's Life by Ann Martin. The author's website is
It has lots of fun activities.

So far it is about a dog who goes on an adventure after he loses his mother and her brother, Bone. Then she meets a girl dog named Moon. After that they go to city to city to find a place to stay and where there is no danger to dogs.
Alex S.

So far A Dogs Life is a really good book. Its about a dog named Squirrel that goes on an adventure. This story has detail and lots of expression. The dog Squirrel has lost her mom and her brother. Squirrel meets a dog named Moon.They go on an adventure.

I love this book.Its emotional and suspenseful. You feel like you're in the adventure.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mrs. Daley's Buddy Class

Today we met our buddy class for the first time. They are second graders. Here are some of the things we enjoyed most.

I really liked when we went and got our buddy's I got a girl she is really smart,and I also got one of my friends with me I also liked when we played addition top it.

I was very shy when we they were playing The A For Alliteration video my friend is also with me and my buddy, Brianna. My favorite part of buddy class was when they played our A For Alliteration. And when we played the math game because my buddy was very smart.

When we went to buddy class,everyone sort of went crazy!Everyone teamed up with their friends,...well almost everyone.The thing is when your older little people look up to you.My buddy is better at math than I am.But she doesn't like math,isn't that weird.
Well my favorite part was when we played addition top-it.It was really cool.That's where my buddy Kimberry beat me at the game.

We had buddy class today and my favorite part was when I got to know witch buddy I was going to get.I got a girl named,Chase.She is very fun to be with.We also play Top-it.I was very shy when my teacher,Mr.Miller,played the A is for Alliteration poems because I am the THIRD one!

Well my favorite part in buddy class was when we played top-it addition math game and when I found out that my buddy was My friend Kalea's little sister.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Student mess up

Today we had a new student but it was the wrong person.We were supposed to have her sister but there was a mix-up. We got the right student after break.
We did homographs in language arts.The words were file, hail, and launch. We had to find the correct definition.
Then we did questions on Kid in the Red Jacket and then read the book for a while.
Then we went to art and did scratch boards with designs on them.
After recess we did math with open number sentenes. That's when we have a part missing that we sub with a variable. It looks like:
19 + 26 = y

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Super Sweaty Day

We started off the morning with language arts.We had to write two different meanings for each word.
Then we worked a little on our personal essays.
After that our class went to PE and did different exercises.When we were done we played handball.
We started reading a book called Kid in the Red Jacket. It's about a kid who moves to a new school.
In math, we looked at new algorithms in addition.
After lunch we put together our model for taste.

David and Eli

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


After our three day weekend,when we came back, the whole class forgot about the MAP TEST!But then when Mr.Miller reminded us,...WE WENT BONKERS! A while after we did our personal essays.
Before we went out to recess,Mr.miller told us after recess to go straight to computers.We did our MAP math test.

We did our multiplication test.The test goes on for five minutes.Then we did our math boxes.Which is after each lesson - it's a review.
Then we went to lunch. Then we did science.Now we are writing the blog. Mr.Miller is telling us to pack up and go home.

Naomi and Sierra

Friday, August 29, 2008

Funky Friday

Dear Classmates,
First the class did language arts and we looked up council, counsel, bale,and bail.Those are called homophones Then we did Student Council Speeches and Alex, Samantha and, Shelby won!!!! Secondly, we went to the Library and got a 4 because we were too noisy while we should have been reading. BOOO!
Then we went to awesome recess and played funky games. Then we wrote a page about what we're scared of or what we like! Those are personal essays.
After that we did the math test, and then we did silent reading!!!
Then we went to lunch and ate rib sandwiches and french fries. When we came back Mr.Miller read the book A Dogs Life.
Then we cut and glued models of the 3 layers of skin.

Alex and Dulce

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Matthew Henson - Arctic Explorer

Our movie about Matthew Henson, one of the first men to reach the North Pole.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The best day of the week

We had our map test today about the four hemispheres. Next week we need to know the Bering Sea and Bering Strait,Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Aleutian Islands.
In computers we did MAP testing. That's a reading test we take three times a year.Next week we'll do the math test.
After that,we read National Geographic.One article was called Reef Rainbow about how fish use color to find food, attract mates and warn other fish. The other article was called Firestorm and it was about how dangerous wild fires are and how they are caused.
Then we did math and worked on factor strings.
We did silent reading and read more of A Dog's Life.

Jonothon and Michael

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Class' Life

We first came to school then we saw Mr.Miller who is bald. After we got settled we went to art. We did a scratch paper. After that we went to recess.Then we came in and we did our Mattew Henson play. We had to make pictures for the play. Plus we also did math about math factor strings. That's when we have to make as many multiplication problems for any number and you can't use the number 1.

Then we read some of A Dog's Life. After that we made a diagram of the eye. Then we packed up and left for home.

Amanda and Alexis

Friday, August 22, 2008

What We Did In Our Class Today

We had to fill in bubbles on our Reading Comprehension about Jesse Owens.After that we all went to library and we checked out a truck load of books.We went through the Matthew Henson play after we went to break. After that we learned in math about finding square roots and then we did math boxes.Then Alexandria and I played this game called Tinker Ball.Then we went to lunch.After we came back from lunch we made a diagram of the human eye.Then Mr. Miller read some more of A Dogs Life.Then we all packed up and we went home.

A is for Alliteration A is for Alliteration

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Most Exciting Days At School

Today we read a book called James and the Giant Peach . We also did Factor Captor. It was lots of fun.
Library was also cool. We checked out awesome books. We read them during silent reading time.
Mr. Matchett was here for 2 days as a sub because Mr. Miller was in Philadelphia. He read A Dogs Life. In math he taught us about exponents. He asked to come up with an extraordinary question for Mr. Miller's return.
We also learned about the ear and the nose.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What We Did Today

Yesterday Mr. Miller made us miss computers. He had the time messed up.
We did a DOL today about Mars. Mars is named after the Roman god of war. It has two moons, Phobos and Deimos.
We recorded our A my name is poems on the computer with a microphone and we will put them on our blog.We used a program called PhotoStory3.They are alliteration poems.
PE wasn't much fun. We did fitness testing.
In math, we're still working on multiplication. We're learning about arrays and factors.
In science, we did the human body five senses. We made a diagram of the head with the sense organs.
We always do silent reading at the end of the day.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What We Did in Class Today

First,we read Package for Mrs. Jewls.
Then we answered multiplication facts. We also did arrays and our math boxes.
Then we studied for the Map Test. After that we did the Map Test in our classroom.
After we were done we started doing our world map.
Yesterday, Mr. Miller read A Dog's Life.
In language arts we did Context Clues. That is about when you don't know a word - read the rest of the sentence.Those are contexts clues.That is what we did in class.

Naomi and Itzel

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Map Tests

We will have our first map test on Tuesday, August 12th. You have a folder with the locations and maps but just in case you can't find it, I posted it here .

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Be Ready For math

We expect you to come to fifth grade knowing your basic multiplication facts. If you need to practice over the summer, here’s a site that lets you print out some worksheets.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Class Blog

Welcome to our class blog.My intent is for it to be an ongoing interactive journal of the happenings in Room 25. It will be a daily (or almost daily) recap of our day at school. Parents can see what we did at school that day, students who were absent can begin to catch up on any work they might have missed - the possibilities for two-way communication are endless. Best of all, the blog will be entirely written by you, the students of room 25.
This is a tool we can have a lot of fun with. It is a tool of the 21st century-unlike anything you've used at Walker before. We will be able to give each other comments and feedback on our work. People all over the world will be able to see what we do. Do you have relatives who live outside of Tucson? Well, now they can keep up with what you're doing. Communication will be 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and all over the planet