Tuesday, September 2, 2008


After our three day weekend,when we came back, the whole class forgot about the MAP TEST!But then when Mr.Miller reminded us,...WE WENT BONKERS! A while after we did our personal essays.
Before we went out to recess,Mr.miller told us after recess to go straight to computers.We did our MAP math test.

We did our multiplication test.The test goes on for five minutes.Then we did our math boxes.Which is after each lesson - it's a review.
Then we went to lunch. Then we did science.Now we are writing the blog. Mr.Miller is telling us to pack up and go home.

Naomi and Sierra


Abraham said...

today we had a map test like always and we had a math test but i'm going to tell you that no one got a perfect score no one got 100 percent on the test I did a very bad score but then I fixed it to a higher score so I going to have a much better score than the score I was going to get after I changed it although I talking back to the map test I think I got 100 percent on the map test because I got 2 wrong but then in the bouns I got 2 right and that is why I think I got 100 percent

Jennifer said...

I thought that two tests on the same day is CRAZY!but i had lots of fun at school

KIM said...


Anonymous said...

I really like the test go bananas title