Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Super Sweaty Day

We started off the morning with language arts.We had to write two different meanings for each word.
Then we worked a little on our personal essays.
After that our class went to PE and did different exercises.When we were done we played handball.
We started reading a book called Kid in the Red Jacket. It's about a kid who moves to a new school.
In math, we looked at new algorithms in addition.
After lunch we put together our model for taste.

David and Eli


Abraham said...

I didn't went to school today because my leg hurt really bad and I was to tired to go and I was going to be late anyways so I decide not to go anyways because my mom was tried to wake me up early but I was to tired to go to school so thats why I didn't go to school today

Room 25 Online said...

We missed you Abraham. Get well and we'll see you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.Miller, sorry for not bloging. It's because I've been so busy latley that Ihaven't had time to blog.My mom liked the litteration poem.Her favorite picture was Dulce.When I showed her the Mathew Henson she thought that it was amazing how we're able to do that.Well when we did open house,my mom said that it was the cleanest room that she's seen since kindergarden.We wern't gonna go until I remimded my mom.(Victoria.)I promise that I'll write tomorrow.B-Bye.

Jennifer said...

i dident come to school on monday because my troat hurt and i could berly talk