Monday, September 8, 2008

Student mess up

Today we had a new student but it was the wrong person.We were supposed to have her sister but there was a mix-up. We got the right student after break.
We did homographs in language arts.The words were file, hail, and launch. We had to find the correct definition.
Then we did questions on Kid in the Red Jacket and then read the book for a while.
Then we went to art and did scratch boards with designs on them.
After recess we did math with open number sentenes. That's when we have a part missing that we sub with a variable. It looks like:
19 + 26 = y

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Abraham said...

today we had a new student put we got the wrong student so we had to get the right student and it was confusing kind of it was confusing because we thought we got the right student and I was really confused