Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We Are Video Game Creators

Classroom Based Games

Alien Hangman by Brodie and Tyler

Mang McBroom by Jeremy, Jesse, and Noah

Skydiver by Kaylani and Carlos

Tank Attack by Eddie and Cesar

Bill's Round Up by Mason

Multiplication Mix Up by Kaylani and Hazel

Zombie Survival by Jordan

Math Maze by Seth And Tait

La Bamba by Aaron

Tank Attack - Math by Joshua

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving at Walker School

Here are some things about Walker School for which we are thankful:
  • getting an education, making friends and having fun, having a BIG playground and a field -Mason
  • the hard work that the teachers do for the students, my friends who support me, the big playground we play on - Kaylani
  • I am thankful all my teachers being here and teaching me this really cool stuff like Marco Polo and Mickey Mouse. Mr. Miller I am really thankful for you the most because you like being here for all of us and you are a really cool teacher because you know a lot about computers. We are going on a field trip that no one else gets that opportunity and thats why I am thankful for you the most. - Seth
  • I am thankful for my teachers like Mr.Moore and Mr.Miller. With Mr.Moore I had lots of fun in class. With Mr.Miller I learn a lot about division. I also learn about famous people like Christopher Columbus. I liked the story of Marco Polo. I'm thankful for my mom because she works so hard to make my sister, brother, and I so happy. - Carlos
  • I am thankful for my Walker teachers because without music I would not know music symbols and what they mean and without art I would never know how to make beautiful pictures!!!!!! - Hazel
  • I am thankful for Walker because I always have a fun time every day. I am also thankful because I get to learn cool stuff, but I'm most thankful for my friends because they're the ones who make school fun. - Tyler
  • I am thankful for Walker School because Mr. Milton help me a lot in third grade. He helped me to leaned how to be good kid. He was also in the military. I also liked him because he gave out stuff. That's why I like him. -Noah
  • I am thankful for Walker School because of my teacher, Mrs. Wick. She helped me to do multiplication , factions , and a little bit of division . She thought me how to write in cursive. She was a good teacher, too bad she had to go to a new school. - Lynnzee
  • I am thankful for Walker School because it gave me the privilege to go to recess instead of staying inside. - Joshua
  • I'm thankful for Walker School because I get to hang out with my friends since no one at my school lives where I live. And every day I learn something new. - Brodie
  • I'm thankful for Walker School because I get to learn new things like math, you can make new friends, and play football. - Jeremy
  • I am thankful for Walker School because our teachers give us education every day of the week . - Alexis
  • I am thankful for Walker School for what they taught us. Mr.Miller showed us division his way and I am also thankful for my friends because without them I would not have cool, fantastic friends here at Walker School. - Bianca
  • I am thankful for Walker School because it helps me learn and have friends. School is fun, cool and sometimes weird. I like school because they have nice teachers. - Jessie C.
  • I am thankful for my kinder garden teacher Mrs. Piez because she taught me my ABC's. I am also thankful for recess because it gives you time to relax and have fun. I am thankful for the good times I have at Walker Elementary - Olivia
  • I am thankful for Walker School because it is a great school. I am also thankful for my friends for helping me when I need help, I am thankful for my classmates because they help each other and they are very nice. - Camila
  • I am thankful for Walker School because we are going to Star Base for a field trip.We go every Wednesday for 5 weeks for the whole day and Mr.Miller let's us sit wherever on the bus. - Tait

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement is learning about different kinds of work, your life, and how to achieve your dreams. We're doing this so we can learn about people who start a business. They are called entrepreneurs.

We played a game called Get Connected. There was a scorekeeper and a question asker. We had to roll the dice and if you landed on the Get Connected space, you had to answer a question. If you got it right you got one or two points. You had to guess if it was a human, natural, or capital resource. It was fun and exciting!

We have a woman who comes and speaks to us about entrepreneurs. Her name is Michele. She has her own business finding homes for people visiting from outside Tucson.

We also talked about STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).Starting a business will require us to use these skills. Starbase talked about STEM skills also.

Starbase Nov. 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gregor The Overlander

We will soon finish the first book in this series. I found this interview with the author, Suzanne Collins. It explains much about where the ideas for Gregor came from.

Monday, November 8, 2010

More IBD Movies

Video #1. This video was rated a 2. Some of the story details are incorrect and some important details are missing. The graphics were sloppy with some perspective issues.

Video #2. This video was rated a 3. It had interesting use of symbolism. The main idea was clear and the graphics were good. Some story details were missing.

Video #3. This video was rated a 3. There was a good combination of narration and captioning. That helped to convey more information.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010