Friday, November 19, 2010

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement is learning about different kinds of work, your life, and how to achieve your dreams. We're doing this so we can learn about people who start a business. They are called entrepreneurs.

We played a game called Get Connected. There was a scorekeeper and a question asker. We had to roll the dice and if you landed on the Get Connected space, you had to answer a question. If you got it right you got one or two points. You had to guess if it was a human, natural, or capital resource. It was fun and exciting!

We have a woman who comes and speaks to us about entrepreneurs. Her name is Michele. She has her own business finding homes for people visiting from outside Tucson.

We also talked about STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).Starting a business will require us to use these skills. Starbase talked about STEM skills also.

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Hazel said...

michelle makes our lesson fun I cant wait for our party on the fifth week !:)