Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Today our class went to computers and we worked in our wiki. A wiki is like a report, but a lot of people could go and do some work in it at the same time.

Then we went to an opera. It was cool too because it was about animals being peace builders. After the first opera we saw another play. It was about the Bus Driver of the Black Lagoon.

Then we went to recess.

After recess we took our Map test. Also we took our math test. It was very hard,just like our map test.

Mr.Miller started reading a book called Room One.Then wecontinued to do our wiki.


Jennifer said...

I quess the rows are ok but I would have liked to sit next to my friends.They are all the way in the back and i am all the way in the front.:)

Abraham said...

I kind of liked the rows because I was next to my friends.

yolanda said...

Dear Room 25,
I found Eveths blog and I LOVED it I want to do 1 but my mom wont let me!bey

Tina said...

Hey its Tina Im Eveths sister i like her blog and it is funny I like the part when she said that she went FLING!I like you class Blog.