Monday, November 24, 2008

Talkative Monday

WOW!!!Today we all used our voice quite a bit. Well, first we did language arts about different suffixes. After that we went to art and worked on our NAME ALIENS! Then we went to recess and played for 15 minutes.When we got back from recess we worked on our books War With Grandpa or Island of the Blue Dolphin and worked on our reading packets.

Then we started our math review for tomorrow's math test. Mr.Miller,our teacher,told us where our MAP TEST locations are.We went to lunch and ate chille or plain Hot Dogs. After we came back from Lunch we got to do some silent reading for a little bit. Then Mr.Miller read aloud two chapters on our book called Room One.

We are finishing up the 2nd chapter of the book.


Mr. miller said...

I like that Mr. Miller, our teacher, part. Way to remember your commas!

Abraham said...

Today was a busy day.