Monday, December 8, 2008


When we came to school,we all had rainy day schedule.That's when we had to go to our classroom right away. When school started we found out that we had adopted a family.All the fifth grade got an infomation sheet about the family.The oldest son is 14,the middle daughter is 11,and the youngest is a boy and he is 6.The oldest is hoping to get :Music,arts sports(favorite teams are the Jets and the Packers).The middle daughter wanted Crafts, arts, gel pens and accessories.The youngest son wants Creative arts and crafts and cars and trucks.
W e did classification in language arts.After that we had to go to art.
Then we HAD to go to recess.When we got back from recess,we all worked on our reading board games.Then we worked on fractions in math..The after math we all went to lunch.We all had alot of fun.Then when we came back we read a book called Room One as you should know.Now we are finishing up our board games.Then we all said goodbye.GOODBYE!!!!


Abraham said...

Today was a day of just work like always but it was more work

Anonymous said...

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