Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In the morning we worked on suffixes. After that we went to P.E and did fitness testing . After P.E we went to recess, then we went to class and worked on the games that we are making.The games are what we are going to play with our buddies. Then we did math before we went to lunch, after we went to lunch we did silent reading until we went home. The best part about today is that we have no homework.


Abraham said...

Today we did our games of War With Grandpa and our Island Of The Blue Dolphan and we had to work in groups to do the game.

|Samantha said...

Waz up Mr. Miller! i mizzu soo mch!
Im so proud of the new 5th graders!! there are so many people on ur map!! haha i mizz all of u soooooo mch! wish i could redo 5th grade all over again.

SO DARN RANDOM (Olivia) said...

WoW was this in winter or in may
??????????????????????????????? O ya I found the vidio