Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Caned Food Drive

December 1st through December 18th there is a big thing happening - we are having a canned food drive. If you are interested, bring in non-perishable food, or you can give money to your child so they can give it to their teacher to buy canned food. If you really want to help you can bring lots of food and money so that the people we give it to will have smiles on their faces. As well as there is a prize for the class that brings in the most food - they will get a 100 dollar gift certificate to a teachers store.


If we win, I will donate the $100 dollars to buy more food.
Mr. Miller


shelby said...

I brought in 5 cans of food.When I did I saw a giant bag of about 25 things.When you look at it there is about 45 things,it's really big.

Abraham said...

We had the can food drive and our class has donated alot of food so I think we have a pretty good chance to win the 100 dollars

shelby said...

there is a lot of caned food in our room.I brought in a lot of food and everybody else brought some to.