Monday, August 25, 2008

A Class' Life

We first came to school then we saw Mr.Miller who is bald. After we got settled we went to art. We did a scratch paper. After that we went to recess.Then we came in and we did our Mattew Henson play. We had to make pictures for the play. Plus we also did math about math factor strings. That's when we have to make as many multiplication problems for any number and you can't use the number 1.

Then we read some of A Dog's Life. After that we made a diagram of the eye. Then we packed up and left for home.

Amanda and Alexis


Anonymous said...

Mr.Miller I enjoyed the math lesson that you put on the first blog.I showed my it to my dad and he said to tell you that he can't wait to see the open house!!!

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Abraham said...

Why did you do that

katherine said...

The math lesson was realy fun today .But mr.Miller still has a little bit of hair on his head!

Anonymous said...

Mr.Miller you didnt put who made the post i mean come on !!!!!!!!!

Room 25 Online said...

I added the post's authors but next time remember to sign your posts and comments.