Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Amphitheater Peace Conference

Today we went to an peace conference at Harelson Elementary School. First we split up into groups with all the other elementary schools in the Amphi district Our leaders were high school students. Then we made a skit or a rap that had to do with peace, and presented it to every- body. Then we all got a balloon off the gym walls and released them to show peace. One person from each school got to release one dove into the sky one at a time. Then we ate lunch and headed back to school.
Everyone will be back on Friday to see an athlete come and talk about how being bullied made him or her focus more on being athletic.

Alexandra and Shelby
Here is a podcast from the conference when Shelby went back on Friday.

Gabcast! Room 25 Online #2


Abraham said...

Today some people went to the peace conference and they brought there cell phones with them and video taped almost the whole thing.

Itzel said...

I thought that was cool