Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Dog's Life

Our class is reading a book called A Dog's Life by Ann Martin. The author's website is
It has lots of fun activities.

So far it is about a dog who goes on an adventure after he loses his mother and her brother, Bone. Then she meets a girl dog named Moon. After that they go to city to city to find a place to stay and where there is no danger to dogs.
Alex S.

So far A Dogs Life is a really good book. Its about a dog named Squirrel that goes on an adventure. This story has detail and lots of expression. The dog Squirrel has lost her mom and her brother. Squirrel meets a dog named Moon.They go on an adventure.

I love this book.Its emotional and suspenseful. You feel like you're in the adventure.


Anonymous said...

i really liked the dogs life so far. yesterday when i got the book from the library i read the whole book and it was good

amanda said...

yes it is so awesome i just adore the book

Abraham said...

the book was like the greatest book I have ever read before I think you´ll love it

Jennifer said...

I love this book so much I would probly read it more times:)

Jennifer said...

I read the whole book and I LOVE it soooo much!

amanda said...

i really adore the book like I love the ending its rocks

Siries said...

I think that this book that you put on ypur blog is really cool. I want to get the bbok and read it BYE.