Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What We Did in Class Today

First,we read Package for Mrs. Jewls.
Then we answered multiplication facts. We also did arrays and our math boxes.
Then we studied for the Map Test. After that we did the Map Test in our classroom.
After we were done we started doing our world map.
Yesterday, Mr. Miller read A Dog's Life.
In language arts we did Context Clues. That is about when you don't know a word - read the rest of the sentence.Those are contexts clues.That is what we did in class.

Naomi and Itzel


Mr. Miller said...

Yesterday was fun but I can't believe Mr. Miller forgot to take us to computers.

Abraham said...

today was a wondreful day we had alot of fun in class and we had to do computers but we didn't do computer because we had to go early so we did not go to computers and I think that is all