Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What We Did Today

Yesterday Mr. Miller made us miss computers. He had the time messed up.
We did a DOL today about Mars. Mars is named after the Roman god of war. It has two moons, Phobos and Deimos.
We recorded our A my name is poems on the computer with a microphone and we will put them on our blog.We used a program called PhotoStory3.They are alliteration poems.
PE wasn't much fun. We did fitness testing.
In math, we're still working on multiplication. We're learning about arrays and factors.
In science, we did the human body five senses. We made a diagram of the head with the sense organs.
We always do silent reading at the end of the day.

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Abraham said...

I think that we are going to a wonderful summer with Mr.Miller and that today we had a map test I though that it was really hard but some students got 100 percent so I thinked it was easier to them that it was to me