Friday, August 7, 2009

The class rocks

The class rocks and Mr.Miller rules I made all kinds of new stuff. I think he gives us really cool home work online. He gives us really cool work in the class. I think making a movie was the best project we did. He wants us to figure out a queen ann mystery. Mr. Miller made us make these movies ond Mr. miller's was filmed in old Tucson it was cool.I think 5th grade is cool. People say Mr.Miller is mean but that is not true. It 's really not true he is the nicest teacher you could get.


Jenny said...

Wow seems like your new class really likes you! Well La Cima is great and I have all my friends there but ya I miss lulu walker and i will visit:) =)

Michael said...

Hey this is Michael from last year.La Cima is good,changing classes is a little confusing.Lockers are a big thing the first couple of days then you get the hang of it.I'll comment later got to go to school.