Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Columbus Wall

Click here to read our wall on Christopher Columbus. Add a sticky note as you learn more.


jesus said...

columbus is a real dreamer.he never gave up on his dream.and no one took him seriously.alot of people were mean to him.bye!!!!!!

SHYANNE said...

i think thats true jesus he was a big dreamer!he was sailing west.come on peaple right on the blog BYE!!!!!!!

John Harville said...

Christopher Columbus was a visionary man who changed the face of America.

Yendarra School Pukekos said...

Wow Room 25, I love your blog. Thanks for looking at ours. We are studying kiwiana at the moment so that's how we got the idea for our poem. We have been looking at all the things that are special to New Zealand like the Haka, jandals, and kiwi fruits. How did you make your sticky wall? I love that people can just add a note as they learn more!

Miss Gottwald and Room 9

Yendarra School Pukekos said...

Hi Room 25,
Thanks so much for all your comments. Some of you said you don't understand our language but most of us speak English just like you! I know some words are different so if there's something you don't understand please ask. Maybe we'll post some explanations of NZ words for you. For example... a jandal is our name for a flip flop or a thong! Some of us also speak Maori, Samoan, Tongan and Cook Island Maori because we come from lots of cultures. What other languages do you speak?

In New Zealand it gets hot and colf. In the North Island it can get quite hot but on the South Island there are lots of mountains so in winter it is very cold.

I'm sorry you find our words hard to read, on our computers the colour looks bright and cheerful! We wanted our colours to match our bird, the Pukeko.

Someone asked about our pacific flowers, they come from a website called www.cutestblogontheblock.com

Hope this helps,
Ask if you have any more questions!

Miss Gottwald and Room 9

Yendarra School Pukekos said...

Hi we have lots of questions about Arizona, this morning we looked on a map to find it!

What is the weather like in Arizona?

Is America a cool place to live?

What kinds of animals are special to Arizone?

What is your school like?

What kind of food is special in Arizona?

When it is day time here is it night time in Arizona?

Please ask any more questions you have about New Zealand, we are working on our list of New Zealand words.

Room 9

Derrick said...

i think we can make a wall about what oud favorite holiday is and why.

Ana said...

Mr. Miller I couldn't go to the wall.
So I'll just write it here:

1:Te first voyage of Champlain was in 1603

2:Santa Fe New Mexico was founded in 1610.