Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Today we learned how to add in a different way. It is called partial sum which is an algorithm.

You had to know your place value. Like 547+797 how to get the answer we have to start with the hundreds place then tens then ones.So we add 5 and 7 which equals 12. So we write 1 thousand 2 hundred. Now add 9 and 4 which equals 13. So we write 1 hundred 30.Now add 7+7=14. Now we add 1,200+130+14=1,344. That's how we do it. Like 4 and 9 you can add the 9 first then the 4 or the other way around.

Micah and Jesus

Today we had another map test. We are going to have another map test and a math MAP test next Tuesday, also =). We had a reading MAP test. We have to practice reading for our next one in Januray so don't worry - we know how to read. Mr.Miller was very funny today because he made a lot of jokes about kids in class. We laugh so hard sometimes. But somtimes we take it seriously. We really enjoy Mr. Miller.♥

Luisa & Sydnee


Samantha said...

Hey Mr.Miller, can you tell me how to do wordle?? It looks very exciting and fun to make!! When you type me back can you tell me where to go for it?? PLZ!?!?Thx

Anonymous said...

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