Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pep Rally

Thanks Shyanne and Danielle


Adrianna said...

I think it was awesome how Shyanne and Danille did this I need to to now how to do that maybe you can teach me because and have stuff about me and my baby brother it is so cute so that is why I want to do that so I can put it on my blog like how you did it so bye,bye

sydnee said...

good job you guys i miss you

Wm Chamberlain said...

Agustin, you asked me how I have received so many hits on my blog and here is the answer.
1) I have been blogging for three years and the hits add up.
2) I post regularly so that people have a reason to come back often.
3) The title of my posts have words that people search for using search engines like Google. If your titles are not descriptive enough people won't find them in a search.
4) I comment on lots of others blogs. When I comment I make sure it is positive and relevant. Don't write something like, "Nice post", write instead, "I really like the way you used descriptive adjectives in your story." or "That is a great science project! When I teach that subject I will do this activity too. I also do __________ when I teach this."

I think you have inspired me to write a post on my professional blog about this topic. Thank you, Agustin!

Mr. C

kerry said...

I love the movies girls i really like it I really wish it was longer but its ok any way cant wait to fall festval bye

jesus said...

hi guys its me jesus i have the flu but i will be back on monday and i might go to the fall festival.

Brandon and Brenn said...

you guys did a good job on the movie and with the camera

derrick said...

hey Mr.Miller i think we shouild make a post about how to reach our goal of 2500.If we made one i think we should call it how do you think we cas get 2500hits on our cluster map.

Ana and Micah said...

I think that the video was good.
But I think we could Improve on the slides.

Jeremiah said...

Thats a great little video of the Pep Rally.Good job people

John Strange said...

Your Animoto movie was quite lively as were you in your playground activities. Thank you for sharing!

Dr. John Strange
University of South Alabama
EDM 310

SHYANNE said...

THAT WAS FUN THANK U!Its great that we our having diffrent people right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mariah said...

did you sing that

zach said...

This is a very good video. I like your choice of music.

Room 13 Yendarra School Tuis! said...

Hi Shyanne and Danielle,

We really like your blog and are impressed with your videos.

Your video is really cool and your Pep Rally looks really fun.

We are from New Zealand and don't have Pep Rallies so we would like to know what it is, please!

Many Thanks,
Room 13

Kayla said...

I liked the pep rally it was fun
and loud my favorite part was the human knot.