Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Class Wordles

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Alexis Nasta said...

HI Mr.miller and Jeremiam. I miss you both and pal too. I have to go. BYE!

Alexis Nasta said...

Hi Mr.Miller and Jeremiam. Jeremiam tell Logen(the one in pal) I miss him. Mr.miller I don't like the uniforms. Well I have to go. BYE!

Wm Chamberlain said...

Did you really tell Shyanne that you would quit giving homework after you had 2500 hits on your site? If you are serious, I can help make that happen!
Mr. C

cuapita said...

hey you guyy
kool bloggg
well i h0ope
you guyyzzz
have a nicee
time with the
the blogg

jenniferr and itzell and candyy
saidd hiii
take caree

cuapita said...

and srryy
that my blogg
is all in

Dr. Eviatar said...

Nice Wordles, guys. Greetings from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!

Isaiah said...

I think a bunch of people chose the same font but I also think that all of them were really good

Alexis Nasta said...

Hi new fith graders I hope you are telling jokes about Mr.Miller being hair less. Hi Jeremiam .I'm still in schoole but in the lab.I miss you geys . Well I have to go.BYE!

adrianna said...

i think we did a pretty good job on this i give it a A+++

braebrae! said...

hey mr miller on my wordle you could barley see some words and mine got flipped

Wm Chamberlain said...

Posted on my blog about your contest, maybe that will help get you some more hits on your cluster map.
Mr. C

Room 18 said...

Hi Room 25, Thanks for visiting our blog. We have enjoyed looking at your wordles. Good luck with your visitor quest.
Room 18, Pt England School
Auckland, New Zealand

Room 8, New Zealand said...

Saw WMChamberlains Post about 2500 visits to avoid homework, goodluck with that!
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

I love this wordle thing We use it as well.

Your blog is fantastic.

There honestly arent very many things you could improve on at all

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Miller’s class. I think your most important things are very good and would make great poems. I think it came out very well and you all did a great job. Maybe sometime you all can check out my class blog for 8th grade- 40 day challenge until 12/2/09, on

Kayla said...

I liked making the woordles because
it was fun for me.And I like to do
stuff on the computer!!

ariel said...

I thought this video was awsome! Were the words around the name supose to describe the person?

Kerry said...

I think we did a good job I like doing that also I think it was fun I think we should do that again