Friday, December 4, 2009

Explorer Posters

The student written rubric that we used to rate these posters can be found here. Click on the poster to enlarge.
We felt this group worked well together to create an excellent poster. It included many meaningful facts about Columbus.They created a scroll like effect to enhance their display. We felt this could have been improved by neater writing, a better use of space, and better name placement.
This group had a well organized plan but had difficulty carrying it out. The pictures supported the topic. It could be improved by focusing on neatness and checking the spelling.
This group was well organized.The pictures supported the topic and they included a timeline for each explorer. They could use their space better by using drawing tools, such as a staightedge, and darker colors.
This group made good use of pictures for effect, especially at the bottom of the poster. They used large lettering and a good organizational plan. There were some meaningful facts but also some that were inaccurate. Their name placement was a poor use of space.
This group made good use of color with a theme pattern that ran around the border of the poster and through the web. However, the writing is small and hard to read. The poster feels cluttered. More meaningful facts would also have improved their project.


jesus said...

i think they were all good i dont see why everyone gets all worked up on their grade its just to see what you can work on

Luisa said...

I think that all of them were great.But the one I liked the best was the coulombus one.They had alot of facts and they work on it really hard. So that's why I liked it the best. But the could of put more illistrions and that would of been all 4s.

Anonymous said...

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