Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Don't you think that this morning was nice and cool? Well let's move on from that point.
We were very busy last week, because it was Spirit Week. Spirit Week is about certain holidays that Walker celebrates here at school. Also did the PEP Assembly on Friday. Our principal, Mr. Lansa, actually ate real, dead... chocolate bugs. (GROSS!) Well at least I didn't see it close up but the student council did!
Anyway, today at school we have been doing alot of our Discovery booklets. Our Colonies are doing great.
Which was your favorite day of Spirit Week?

See ya !!


Friends said...

My favortie day was..........CRAZY HAIR DAY!!!!!!

Itzel said...

My favorite day was twin day because everyone look the same=-)!!

Friends said...

hey my fave day was oppiste day becuse people looked really strange

Friends said...

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kai said...

Outside was blazing hot when it was bieng anouced

Abraham said...

I think that my favorite day was crazy hair day.