Thursday, April 9, 2009

What Shape is your Name?

DIRECTIONS:The class got a paper with a grid on it. There was a code box on it too, and whatever letters are in your name, you would put the numbers. Then use them as coordinates.First we found coordinates to the letters of our name and wrote that down. Then we put it on the grid and it made a shape. We kept doing that but varied the pattern and it made the same shape but another direction.Then there would be a pattern. After you did all that, it made a shape. Then you would find a pattern, and then color.

The worksheet is available here.


ELi and Kai said...

cool slide

the nanos said...

I think that our name shapes are really,really cool!

Anonymous said...

I find this Web 2.0 presentation tool very interesting. Was it easy to use and create your presentation?

I'm intrigued by the pictures, but I don't understand how those pictures represent the shape of your names. I would appreciate having some background knowledge about what you did and why those shapes represent your names.

Dr. Steffens

michael said...

Mine was the second slide