Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cool, Adventurous, and Awesome Day

The first amazing thing we did in the morning was just talk among ourselves for a few minutes. Then we did this venn diagram about buttons which was very interesting but very weird and cool. After those amazing elements we did this Master of Pop paper that was about these very interesting people that make these really cool pop up books that are really awesome. A few minutes after we did reading and it was not that fun for me or my friends. And after that we did something really scary, MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH! Isn't that so scary? Any way we did math and it was not that fun. We were learning about adding fractions and it was pretty interesting but boring too. In a few minutes we are about to do Social Studies or something like that. Thats what we did today.

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Alexa said...

you guys need to talk about something else then are schedule. You should talk about cool stuff well bye see you in school tommrow