Tuesday, September 8, 2009

President Obama's Speech

Wordle: President's speech to students
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Today we listened to President Obama's speech to the students of our country. He had many messages to give us about hard work and responsibility. Here is what we took away from the speech.

I loved his speech.My favorite thing about his speech was he said''never give up even if you fail get back on you feet and try again and you''ll get it right.''See why I like it.

The part I liked about Obama's speech was when he talked about failing is how you learn how to do it better the next time you try.

I like Obama's speech becuase it was kinda touching. I liked how Obama said "Never give up even if you fail get back up on your feet and try again."

I thought that the speech was important to me because he had a lot of good sayings like how are we going to change the futrue in 20 years.

The speech that Obama gave out to all the students was a way for leting all of us know that even though you fail things a lot does not mean you can't get to college.Obama said"All students of The United States Of America,you all think that if you fail you wont be able to acheve your goal.I did a lot of bad things in school,but I followed my dream and look at me, I'm the president of The United States.You can make any kind of,like doing your homework and doing your chores.But like me you can do the same thing I do.You can be the president of the United States.But with great power comes great responsibility.Now I'm asking you students of The United States to make a goal for what you are going to do."So set your goal to make a great life!!!"

The speech that Obama gave out was one of the best speeches I heard because he gave us advice to our writing that your first piece of paper that you wrote will not be corect so you need to practice and practice.

I think Obama's speech was important because he taught us how to practice and practice so we can get better grades. I also think that was one of the best speeches I've heard.

I think that Obama's speEch was really cool because kids all over the world could here his speech and they can learn on what he is saying .Obama is no different thenother people just because he is is the president.

I think Obama's speach was awsome.But it is really important for us.He said we have to our best if we want good grades and to become like a doctor or a nurse or a teacher.
So instead of playing, study when you need to.So that's what really popped out at me.

I think that the speech was touching for most of us because he is a person who cares about our education and how we have a big responsibility to go to school so we can learn and he was being truthful to us because he cares about our ways of making us have a better future.

I think the speech helped me a lot because President Obama said that if you get in trouble it dosn't mean that you're a trouble maker. It just means that you just need to do a better job at school. He even said that when he was a little kid like us he used to get in trouble too. So when you get in troube don't think that you're a trouble maker and he even said that if you fail it doesn't mean that you're going to fail that grade the same thing you just need to do better. The most important thing for me that he said is that nobody is perfect at anything but you need to practice that's the most inportant thing for me that President Obama said. Somebody called from a high or college school and said that they were inpressed with the speech that President Obama said.

What I thought about the speech was that it was great. What got my attantion was when he said that nobody is perfect at anything at all not even we follow and pay attention not even that.That is all I have to write so bye bye.

This speech was very inspiring.I think the most important thing from the speech is when Obama said our education is the most important thing in our life.The other thing is when he said the choice you make right now is what you're going to be in the future.I really got some thing from


Anonymous said...

I was very impressed with what President Obama had to say in his speech. Some of what he had to say is what I tell my kids all the time. Be responsible, work hard, and try your best. Hope you all got something good out of it.

Debbie Calvillo

Toni Nicoletti said...

I am very proud of all of you for listening to the speech. It seems you all got very important information out of it. Keep on working kids!!! You are all doing great!

Elizabeth Nicoletti said...

Thank you so much LuLu Walker school for being so progressive as to engage the student in a blog.
I was delighted to read the very thoughtful comments that were posted. Keep up the wonderful work!
Elizabeth Nicoletti