Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fifth Grade Memories

The fifth grade year for me was all about the field trips that we went on. We went to the Symphony, and the Planetarium. We went to the Children's Memorial Park and ate lunch when we went to the Planetarium. I also enjoyed some of the math lessons that we had worked on. Learning about fractions sure was hard and fun at the same time. I really,really loved our fifth grade musical. That was the best time of the school year for me. We learned about the American Revolution and I was the famous John Hancock. I had a blast this year and hope that you do too. Please really do not make fun of Mr. Miller that much because he is a really cool teacher and a great mentor. Your really gonna love him he is funny. But you can make fun of him sometimes just not when he is in a really bad mood aor is angry about something and only do it when he brings something up about it himself. Well have a great time in this class and hope that you enjoyed the podcast aswell.. Good Luck and dont forget to have fun too. Bye and work hard too!!!


Fifth grade was fun and these are reasons why. My most favorite thing was the feild trips, they were the symphony and the planetaruam. One other thing was the fifth grade picnic it had chesseburgers, hotdogs and lots of other things. Next is the football, before Mr.Lansa was principal there was no football. Another reason is the American Revolution play and I was a colony in the play. Lastly is being in fifth grade it feels good to be a fifth grade because you are then oldest kids in the school. Those are reasons why fifth grade is fun.


In fifth grade it was fun but hard. Buddy class was cool everyone in ms.daily's was really smart. the fifth grade picnic was really fun, there was seconds on almost everything.


My year in fifth grade was really fun! I am going to miss everything we did like our field trips to the Symphony and the Planetarium!Dont listen to people when they tell you Mr.Miller is mean, he really isnt. I learned alot from him, he is a great teacher! I will also miss all my friends and my buddie. We did alot of fun things like the fifth grade barbaque, and the fifth grade tunnel. We also had fun projects like seeing how much fat was in certain kinds of food, and the stock market. When I did these projects I enjoyed them , I hope you do to. Have fun in fifth grade.


Hey guys!My fifth grade experinceWas the best!My favorite part was our American Revoultion play.Theres alot of different parts so be ready!You should try out.Mr.Miller is the best teacher.He is my favorite teacher.I loved reading.We read alot of awesome books.Good luck!see ya soon class of 2009/2010


I'm going to miss my buddy class teacher , because she my teacher and I love her. She is so nice to and everybody else. I also like when we went to the symhonythey had really cool insertments in it .I play one of them , the violin.


I liked buudy class and what I also liked for fun is P.E. but the thing that I liked the most are the teachers they can get a little bit annoying but they help you get ready for sixth grade


Hey almost 5th graders! 5th grade wasd fun. We did lots of neat projects. My favorite was in science. We made diagrams of all human parts.Another one is about the Stock Market, you will follow companys and their stocks. Anyway there are also field trips to the symphony, and others. In 5th grade you get to do special things like the tunnel, 5th grade BBQ, and the tile project.Hope you have as much fun as I did, and good luck!


In 5th grade we learned a lot . Science was my favorite. We learned about people's body parts.It was interesting.We did a lot of things. It was really fun.
I also liked all the teachers. They were really nice . They put a play on for us about the American Revolution. It was fun. We learned a lot and we had fan you will do fun stuff too.


Dear fifth grade,
Fifth grade is the best grade I ever been in. at first I thought it would be hard but when you use to it. I like it all the field trips because there are the Planetarium,Memorial Park,Symphony,and We had to go to La Cima. To go to La Cima we actually had to walk, it was really fun.I have to tell something when it's lunch its seems like it will take forever.but remember Mr.miller when we get in trouble Mr.Miller always gives us the boring speech about if we don't learn nothing we will work at a fast food places!!But it's sometimes true.


In 5th grade the best thing i did is play with my friends. going to our buddy class becuse you play games with them. And our team won the game and we want to get ice cerme at Ms.daly


Dear 5th graders
I am very happy you got Mr.Miller's class! He is a great teacher, but tough at times.I'm sorry your buddy class isn't Mrs.Daley,because her and her class were amazing!My favorite part was the fifth grade picnic, and the worst part was that lunch seems like it's going to take forever to get here! We had fun times at the Memorial Park and after our two field trips, The Planetarium, and the Symphony! I love going of campus, only cause it means were not sitting at our desks listening to Mr.Miller's boring speeches!! Good Luck, and remember not to make fun of Mr.Miller's bald head!


Some of my favorite things I did this year was when we went to our buddy class because we got to teach them things like a real teacher, we even got cupcakes and popsicles once because of participating. Another time was when we had to write down the stock market's movements, we even had to choose our company to follow. There was also this book called Sighn Of The Beaver that was about a white boy and an Indian boy that learned about eachother by becoming friends. You might even have a field trip to the Symphony Orchestra where they teach you about music. Hope you have good grades in 5th. sincerely,


Some of my favorite thing I did in 5th grade was the 5th grade Barbie Q it was so much fn all of my friends were there we all eat hot dogs and we all enjoyed it!But there was more things like the fild trips and the science project there were all Fun! Also I cant wait to go to La Cima I hear its a cool school but maybe I wont go! So have fun it 5th grade!!


Fifth grade is fun you get to do lots of fun things,but its not all fun and games. Also don't forget about the awesome things fifth graders get to do. Like the fifth grade tunnle, the BBQ, and the walk to La Cima.


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