Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monday Marathon

Today has been a busy day for us.We have been very busy doing our Discovery books,which is on Social Studies. We have been working on a simulation for a few weeks. Each table is a colony. they have a flag and ships to sail to the New World. All colonies have landed and chosen land to start their colony.

Also we have been reading a book called Sign of the Beaver. The book is a about an American who meets a Native American in what will become the Maine colony. The American's name is Matt,and the native American's name is Attean. Attean teaches Matt hunting styles,and Matt teaches Attean White man signs.(Reading.)

It's the final week for the Science Fair,and we are all working very hard to finish and have a perfect score this year.

Today we went to Computer lab and studied endangered animals in China.

Then we had a big Map test on the Fifty States.


Abraham said...

Today was a fun day because we went to the computer and went on a game

Alexa said...

you guys should try to see my blog and if you comment on mine and you have one i will comment back. PEACE OUT DUDES

Alexa said...

We need to right more now can i do it

alex said...

We need to right more so can i do it