Monday, February 9, 2009

Colony Progress

Boston Revolution
We are doing really well except that when we were sailing we lost a ship and all our cargo, and that ship was the Singapore. But when we landed we got lucky and got 100 units of food. We haven't lost any people yet and we have a lot of food. So far we haven't had any earthquakes, tornados, or any horrible things like that. We are one of the successful colonies.

We had good luck in sailing, money and land besides the earthquake that made 72 adults work to repair the damages. Other than that we did fine $_$.

So far when we left home, we lost one ship sailing to the New Land.When we got to the New Land we lost one person because he killed an Indian that person was tried for murder.Also we lost 15 people because our fishing boat sunk .That is what has happened so far in our colony.

Black Canary

We've had a variety of good weather and great everything else.We had great landing and sailing.We did not lose anything during the sailing period.We met some friendly Native Americans.We landed in a wondrful spot where there is plenty of water for us to drink and bathe in.We have all of our supplies and have not lost anything except for food.We also had some bad luck with the Native Americans.We also have plenty of food to last us a while.We are having a great time working with each other.We did have a few arguements but we worked them out eventually.We all as a team are going through a lot right now.Our captain and governor is working really hard. So that's what's been going on in our colony so far.

Black Monkeys

We were having good luck but then we picked a farming card and it said "A plague kills all farm animals." Then we had no farm animals. We have had good luck lately.Really, the only bad thing that has happened to us is when all our farm animals died.


Abraham said...

My colony has done awesome and my colony is the Boston Revolution I was the one who sunk the ship called Singapore but I was also the one who got the 100 units of food for my colony.

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samantha said...

I think that every colony is doing a nice job but not to be mean but the Black Canaries are going to win so please do not start crying!!!hahahaha

amanda said...

go boston rev