Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day.First we did our DOL about Valentine's Day. We also learned about Arizona's b-day.
Then we went to the Library. We chose very good books.After Library, we went to break.
When we came back from break, some of us had to finish a test.
Soon we will take our Math test it's about fractions.The whole class is biting their nails about it because we have to add and subtract different denominators.(oh my gosh).The Math test was kind of easy But It was horrible!
For lunch we had rubber(Grilled cheese)!
After lunch some of the people still had to finish the math test.Next,we will read a book called Gregor the Overlander.It's an excellent book.Then we get to pass out Valentines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Abraham said...

today we did our DOL about valentines but I really don't know why but I kind of liked it