Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Field Trip!!

We went to the University Planetarium to study the nine planets and rocks and minerals. We went to two exhibits. One we got to play lots of cool stuff to teach us how things work. My favorite game was the one that you spuned on and pulled your self in and got really fast. There was a cave with meteorites and pictures of other stars and galaxies. Also there was a large screen that could read your body heat like a snake's vision.

Then we went to see rocks and minerals. My favorite was one shaped as a heart. Another good one was pyrite. We also saw petrified wood (which can form in one year), amythyst, topaz, emeralds, diamonds,and peridot. They were shiny. Some stones looked like crumpled tin foil others looked like crystals with hair or needles. There was a microscope to look at the rocks.

After that we went to see the show where they showed you all nine planets and made you feel like you were in space. The projector's name was Hector Vector Star Projector. I felt like the room was spinning because the stars were moving in the show. It was cool but it was kind of weird. You weren't allowed to raise your hand like in class because it was too dark or you might block Hector.

For lunch we stopped at Children's Memorial Park. After that we didn't want to go back to class because we were having so much fun on our field trip. It's so sad that the Planetarium is closing forever so go visit it before it closes on May 31, 2009.


Friends said...

the feild trip was really fun my fave part was the twirling game it was fun

Jenny said...

I liked the show it was kool:)

michael said...

It was really cool going there and my favorite thing was when we went in the theater.