Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Busy as a Beaver - That's a Similie

Today in Mr. Miller's class we learned how to do similies. We also learned how to do partial produts in times. We also got a lot of time to work on our War with Grandpa movies. We also read the City of Ember and Dune and Lina found matches, candles, and a boat. After we read the City of Ember we got more time to finish our War with Grandpa. .
This morning when we tried to go on our blog we tried to go on our cluster map but it did not show up. We also had a map test. We got a new student from Mr. Farley. Today we did not have computers because there was map testing.

Eat at Jason's Deli tonight. It's a fundraiser for Walker School. Thanks.


jesus:-) said...

Sorry i couldnt make it my dad took the car.But i bet you guys made a lot of money.`heres a similie his face was as red as a apple.

Martinique said...

Hi Guys!!!
This is Martinique I came and observed your classroom on Wednesday. I just wanted to thank all of you for allowing me to see such wonderful fifth graders in action. I think you all have inspired me to teach fith grade one day. I especially enjoyed listening to everyone's analagies (very creative.) Hope you have a great day and a great weeekend...Who knows I may see you again soon...

$=$Jose$=$ said...

$=$Wow so queen anne is when there is a duble of words together without a e I o u I should have knew that$=$

Samantha said...

Wat sup my fellow 5th graders and my home dog Mr. Miller. Just Kidding!! I miss lulu walker so bad. all the teachers and all my fourth grade buddies. OH. I'm sorry i mean my new 5TH grade friends.LOL!!! But i do miss you all and i hope that you don't cry at the 5th grade tunnel like i did and everyone else. Have a great time stealing MY!!!! fifth grade teachers!! HAHAHA! I'm only kidding but still have alot of fun and don't bug Mr. Miller too much. A little bit is ok.

Mrs. Heaton's Class said...

I love The City of Embers. Do you know that it is a series? I think the last book in the series was the best because they have to go back to Ember after everyone has left. We read that during our light and electricity unit in science. Our fourth grade class in Beaufort, SC has read Top Secret (about a boy who tries to win the school science fair but winds up coming to the attention of the secret service and the president) and we are currently reading Sign of the Beaver (about a boy left alone in the woods in the families new log cabin who becomes sort of friends with a local Indian boy). I have enjoyed reading your blog.

Mrs. Heaton
Mossy Oaks Elementary School
Beaufort, SC