Friday, September 11, 2009

TFK Madness

Today we had buddy class.Our buddy class is Mr.Berg's class.We played what can you do with cards - fact families and other stuff.
We also read a Time for Kids,and then we did a work sheet.
We did a time for kids and its about all the wild fires in California and it was about astronauts living on the International Space Station,and how Disney channel bought Marvel. It was also about Brad Keselowski. He is a race car driver. He is twenty five years old and he is a top race car driver from Michigan.He learned to race when he was about fourteen years old.Now he is one of NASCAR'S most popular drivers and the head of his own racing company.He sarted racing when he was only a kid somewere when he was maybe eight years old.He was a realy competitive driver with his own pit crew.This article was called I am a Race Car Driver.
We also went to the library.
Do you like NASCAR? Who is your favorite driver?
What can we do to prevent wildfires in Arizona?


Micah said...

I think TFK helps us learn more about whats going on in this world!

$=$Jose$=$ said...

I had my parents read it and they said it was good and that we did a good job well thanks for reading see you Monday.Bye!!!
Read my name at the top!!!

Kayla!! (: said...

I think you did great but you could use better word choice like insted of madness you chould of used crazyness or some type of crazy word thank you for reading Bye

Derrick said...

We can prevent wild fires by having less people go in the forest. We can also prevent wild fires byby not camping in the forestes and not having campers not make camp fires at night. Also we can have it illeagal to bring anything that can start a fire in to the forest

jesus said...

i think that TFK is a good and fun way of helping us learn.