Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our Wacky Wednsday

Hello! Guess what we have been doing? More AIMS practice testing! Our next AIMS test is April,6th,2009.Two More days!Yikes!
Today our "special"was P.E. Our class is doing Fitness Testing,A test to see how fit each individual is in our school.Our test today was running the mile!We were so exhausted!
When we were finished hyperventilating,we learned about Paul Revere.We also heard this super long poem written about him.
For two weeks,we will be doing a stock report about different companies' progress. It's really cool to learn about the Economy. What business would you like to follow? Why? We will write to all of ya'll soon! See'ya!

Sierra&Shelby the BFF'S


Jenny:) said...

Today was fun and I like to follow Wal-Mart:)

michael said...

I would like to follow pepsi because I drink it every day.

manga said...

i would follow sony because i have a lot of things that are sony

manga said...

jinx winter told me about this blog

Anonymous said...

I really like the apple company it, probably is doing the best so far.