Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Band,Orchestra,and Choir Concert

On May 12,2010,we went to a concert at our school in the M.P.R. We heard the band,orchestra,and choir perform songs. Everyone thought that every group did an awesome job.
The begining band did a great job. They played really good songs but one of them might have been difficult because it was their first time playing different parts at once. The advanced band did a great job. Alot of kids liked a song called Movie Medly Madness. It had a lot of movie theme songs like Jaws,Indiana Joanes,Star Wars,Pirates of the Carribean,Titanic,Star Trek, and The 21st century Fox fan fare.
The choir sang a cool warm up song that every one thought was funny.They had a song that had 4 soloists. It was really good.

Last we have the begining orcestra. They were amazing. They played some really good songs . They also played a song that involved the advanced orchestra.


Jeremiah said...

I was really nervous playing my solo in front of everybody. The other saxaphone player wasn't there and it was just me.

Mason said...

i cant wait for orchestra to start!