Friday, August 27, 2010

This week we did a bio-cube. A bio-cube is a cube with your favorite subject like family/hobbies and more. Later today we will help our buddy class make one for themselves. They look like dice for a board game, maybe we can make up a game around them.
In math home work we did divisibile numbers. Numbers are divisible when they don't have a remainder. We learned some rules or tricks for dividing by 2 ,3 ,5 ,6, 9, and 10. We also learned the difference between prime and composite numbers.
On Monday we had Art and we did scratch-board. We used nails to scratch out symbols that show through on white paper.
Tuesday we had Computers and we played tinker-ball, practiced geography games and finished our avatars.
Wednesday we had P.E and we had free choice.

Thursday we had Music and we line danced.

Friday we had library.
We made ear diagrams to learn about the five senses. We are continuing to read Found and island of the Blue Dolphin

Chris and Tait


jeremy said...

had fun making our cubes.

Braelynn Bergeron said...

Hey Mr.Miller Its Braelynn I moved too Mississippi and i love 6th grade soo funn im playing soccer and im trying out for cheer and hopefully i make it my school is called east central middle school what are you guys doin this year are the doing the same as us if you do you all will have fun. my lesat favorite class is math and my fav is english and i have 7 periods and MATH is hard over here well goin to soccer pratice yall have fun with mr miller dont get him mad been there done that dont want to go back yall be good