Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Welcome Back

I hope everyone had a great first day of school. We accomplished quite a bit. We learned about ourselves and our classmates. The collages that we made about science should be online soon.

This should be a great year. Our class has been selected to attend Starbase at Davis Monthan Airforce Base starting in October. This is a great program for teaching science to fifth graders. Check the calendar for the dates we will attend. In addition, we have lots of great math, social studies, reading and other activities planned. Remember to check the blog (and leave us your comments) to see what's going on in Room 25.

If you did not see the recommended supply list, click here.

So parents, there is a link on the right side to our homework calendar as well as the student's assignment book. Please check them if you have any questions. And for the students (and parents), how do you think it went today? Click the comment link below and leave your impressions. Remember to put your name in the box or we won't know who posted the comment. It was a great first day. See you tomorrow.

Link to Margeret Haddix 's book Found


Sheila C. said...

I love the fact that there is a homework calender online!! From Sheila (Joshua P.'s mom)

Alexis said...

Today I really had fun in your class. I hope we have more fun thing to do soon. I'm looking forward to our NASA trip. See you tomorrow.

Jeremy said...

Jeremy enjoyed his first day. He is eger to be a 5th graders. He is excite you are his teacher and said he is going to have fun this year.

Tyler said...

I like your blog but i dont have anything to comment

Olivia said...

Hi mr.miller (U ROCK)XD

Olivia said...

Mr.Miller I cant find the dang Vidios there not on your Blog

CRAZY DIASY (Olivia) said...

Omg Im posting so many comments
O_o XD DX :D ;D $_$ *_* @_@


CRAZY DAISY (Olivia) said...

still Hyper

Mason said...

I am having a fun time in your class Mr.Miller!

Olivia said...

Hi i have my own page now its called
plz go

alexis logan said...

Hi Mr.miler I just wanted to say our video came out good. I relley like it see you on Monday. I also would like to say Hi**** to the class. also see you later or on Monday. I'm going to studdy for 1 hour. good bay.

tammy bui said...

Hi Mr. Miller
how r you. bye