Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Island of the Blue Dolphin movies

Video #4 was rated a 3. The graphics were detailed and the narration was clear. Many story details were included.

Video #5 was rated a 2. The narration was soft and the narrators seemed unclear as to what to say. The graphics could use more detail.

Video #6 was rated a 2. Some of the graphics were inappropriate (smily face) and included random objects. The narration did not match the graphics.

Video #7 was rated a 2. The video seemed rushed. The pictures were mixed up. the narration could have been smoother.

Video #8 was rated a 2. This video was ambitious but in the end did not succeed. Some of the graphics were among the best. There wasn't any narration but the slides progressed too fast to read. Zooming in and out did not enhance the project. This group deserves credit for trying something different. The music was inappropriate.

Video #9 was rated a 3. The graphics were attractive. This group also did not narrate but they were able to figure out the slide transition better. A better choice for music.

Video #10 was rated a 1. This video was missing much content. It was hard to follow and the ending was abrupt. There was evidence of poor preplanning.


Anthony Manchenton said...

Hi Mr. Miller how is your fifth grade class doing.

Room A4 said...

Wow Room 25. What fantastic movies you have made. I like how you used voiceovers to explain your pictures.
Miss Lepou

Jordan said...

Doing these movies were fun,but couldn't do the voice overs for Our my. :{