Thursday, December 2, 2010

Amazing Eggbert

At STARBASE we tried to save Eggbert from dying. Eggbert is an astronaut that is trying to get to the moon. We had to design and engineer a harnass that would keep him safe when he lands. We had 800 dollars in our bank to buy tools to keep Eggbert safe. There were only 4 groups that saved Eggbert but there were 3 groups that didn't make it. The groups that saved Eggbert got a certificate. The winning team that made it for the least money were Alexia, Hazel, Katherine, and Tyler. They got a STARBASE bookmark.

Alexia and Kaylani


Amanda Tyczynski said...

mr miller i think that this is unfair to you class you had when you had Amanda (me) jenny o dulce itzel and all us :) instead ms smiths class went. :/

♥Olivia♥ said...

Wow what good memories how the qaurters gone by.Its really late 12:11 AM)But during breaks its the usial.Eggbert really is amazing!

Have a good today,