Friday, January 21, 2011

Tucson Wind Quintet

Today, Walker School was visited by the Tucson Wind Quintet from the Tucson Symphony Orchestra. They demonstrated how music is tied to emotions.


anthony manchenton said...

How is doing your class right now

Kevin said...

We are an 8th grade social studies class in Wallingford, CT and would like to invite your class to take part in a great fundraiser that we are doing in our social studies class. We also took part in the Edublogs Blogging Challenge and found your name on the list on the Edublogs site. Our project is called “Significant Objects.” If you visit our website,, we have many “historical” objects available for your class with a donation to Clinique Monique. It would be great if you could convince your class to check out our site and decide to contribute as a group and possibly win one of the items.

Jesus said...

hey mr.miller how is your class i really like the background you put.

Kayla said...

I like the starting of your slideshow. Sorry i havnt came on the web. but i have been busy. talk to you soon bye.

kayla said...

Hey mr.miller 7th grade is cool but there is one girl who gives me a bad time every day so that SUCKS.Other then that it is ok.i have to go bye.