Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Door Contest

It was Love of Reading Week at Walker this week so we had a door decorating contest. We picked the book Found for our door decoration because it was our class favorite . What we had to do in order to win the contest was tell the story without using words. We picked people who were missing in the past that were in the book to put on our poster. We wrote a small story about how they went missing and how old they were. We put our stories on paper and made it look old .
Also, we made it look like time travel . We put on an envelope that said,"You are one of the missing" , because that is in the book. We put on pictures of airplanes, hourglasses, and an elucidator. Also, it looks like there's a cave in the middle of the door and there is a clock in the word Found as the O. Then we put dates all over the door. We highly recommend this book to you.

Our door was voted Best Fifth Grade Door. Click here to see all the doors.

The book was written by Margaret Peterson Haddix

by Adrian, Samantha, Alexis and Robert


Anjelica (jello) said...

nice videos.. itz better then last year. me and all mi friends joined track itz fun .... have fun 5th grade see some of you guys next year

Derrick (Baby Face) said...

Hey all you kids (Mr.Miller). J.K. HEy when you guys come to La Cima you will have a great time. When you get to know new people they may give you funny nick names. My new nickname is baby face. Just like you see Anjelica's nick name is jello. If sny of you remember Justus his new nick name is Black Poweranger. I do not know how he came up with that because no else thought of that. sorry im going off topic Alot but i want to tell you all about la cima. When you take the A.I.M.S testing the scedules change a lot but it is still fun. All of you smart math kids who go in to pre-algebra you will have the best tescher in the world (besides Mr.Miller). Her name is Ms. Kimminauand she used to teach at Walker. If any of you guys want to have a colege prep class you better be on your best behaver becasue your teacher ( Mr. Miller will recomend the A.V.I.D instructer and you will have to go through an long interview and paper work toget into it.If you get into it you will go on fun field trips like ASU and UofA. Sorry i wrote so much but La Cima is a lot of fun.

Baby Face (Deerrick said...

Hey guys saw that you got my comments. I told everyone i new to go look on your blog just cause i was in your class. Just kiding. Hey one more thing did you guys make a deal with Mr. Miller that if you get a certain amount of hits then you get no more homework for the rest of the year. Sorry i might get your class a little mad at you because you probly didn't make that deal with them. Bye <3.

Room 25 Online said...

Hi Derrick'
Glad to hear things are good with you. Glad you like AVID also.
The deal this year was 3000 hits. We're close but I don't know if we'll make it. Tell all your friends to help us.

Derrick ( Baby Face) said...

Wow! I cant belive its 3,000, we barley got 2,050 I think even though we whent on every night. Sorry i have nothing to say about La Cima . Got to go. Bye.