Monday, August 29, 2011

Book Trailers

Evaluation Rubric

1.Midnight on the Moon by Brandon and Kiera

2.The Orange Outlaw by Georgiana and Angela

3.The Unwilling Umpire by Wesley and Devin

4.Twister on Tuesday by Taylor and Yennifer
5.Day of the Dragon King by Jayce and Mia

6.The Knight at Dawn by Cameron and Warren

7.The White Wolf by Paul and Oscar
8.Earthquake in the Early Morning by Audra and Eulisa

9.The Runaway Racehorse by Paola and Leonella

10.The Talking T-Rex by Adrian, Luey and Roman

11.Ghost Town at Sundown by Austin and Alex

12.The Ninth Nugget by Caleb and David

13.Viking Ships at Sunrise by Kriss and April


Devin said...

I really like doing our book trailers. I hope you guys get to see Wes and I book trailer here soon.

Taylor said...

I love my book trailer a lot because we did a hole lot of different things

BETH said...

What software did you use for this?

Austin said...

I love making book trailers because you get to do whatever you want to.

Adrian said...

I unwilling umpire the pictures match the story.

eulisa said...

i liked when we ad to pick out pictures for our book trailers.

Angela said...

I liked Mias and Jayces because they have nice speaking.

Anonymous said...

i liked the book trailer because we worked hard.

eulisa said...

i liked the book trailers alot because we took awhile on them and did not rush and i think everybodies was GREAT!

Paola said...

What i liked about my book trailers is that we can tell people about our book that me and Leo read.